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Draft letter to GP - thyroid Patient



A while ago on a thyroid website I saw a draft letter that people could copy, to send or take to their GP asking if the patient and doc could work as a

Team with the patient’s hypothyroidism.

I can’t remember where I saw this! Any ideas please?

I’m seeing a new doctor on Friday.

The last one was very patronising and told me, when I said that I’d been studying thyroid research on Pubmed

That ‘It’s difficult for lay people to understand the research’


I can understand that I still felt ill despite 100mcg T4

(Now taking 50 mcg T4, 50 mcg T3. Spilt dose.

Bought from Europe) but I haven’t had blood tested for a year and have to tell new doctor about my meds.

I feel great though, so it’ll be interesting to see what bloods say!

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