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Hi I posted a few weeks back asking for help with some blood results , I received a nasty response from an administator TELLING me what I SHOULD have written and that NO ONE IS EMPLOYED HERE,Put me off and Ive thad thyroid problem for 32 years , a little power 😠

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Sorry you feel you received such a response. We’re all in the same boat suffering with some kind of thyroid issues and trying our best on here to get advice and give it based on our own personal experiences and research.

I looked and personally didn’t think it was nasty. In all honesty the administrators have thousands on here and it’s not an easy job trying to help everyone and manage this forum. And I’m sure if you repost your results with the advice provided you’ll have plenty of ppl try to help.

I find posting in an evening a good time as more ppl are on line. Please don’t be put off using this site as it’s been a life saver for me and many others x


If you give as much info as possible, you will find lots of members willing to help you. This site has been a blessing for me and for many others too.

Please be patient; help is available here!

Best wishes



If it was your post from two weeks ago. Then putting ‘please read attached’ doesn’t really tell us what you want help with. No one is employed - they’re giving their opinion / and valuable experience. They’re telling you they are not professionals but chosen to volunteer to help absolute and in most cases strangers that hardly ever say thank you. The Admins and others are trying to help. But you didn’t put any information. There’s 85k + of us on here and probably 1% keep contributing. Others come on and get info then disappear. I’m grateful for their advice. You’ll probably learn more in a year from this page, than the 32 years you’ve been hypo. Please don’t take the admins response personally, there was no tone or sarcasm that I read / m that was implied. Writing this post two weeks later seems pointless. This is a network of care. Airing negative opinions on one person is childish - we’re all grown ups. Private message her/him or email the other admins to complain would be my suggestion. Did you get answers to your query? As you didn’t amend or add details requested you may have gotten personal messages.

Be well


Sorry you felt hurt. You are very welcome here. What is your question? The more information you provide about what you’re asking for and why, and what your symptoms are and what blood test results you have, the more likely you are to get helpful responses. How are you feeling?



Yes, it was me who answered your post, it is here for all to see so they can see if I was being nasty


You didn't ask a question, you just posted a picture of your test result and your message stated

"Please read attached"

and nothing else.

You didn't give any indication of what information you wanted in reply so I answered that you needed to give us some information such as were you diagnosed with a thyroid condition and were you on any thyroid meds. With that information we could have given you the information that you were possibly seeking.

You posted the same thing twice within a very short time of each other. It was 11 days ago, in the middle of the heatwave we've been having and I expect most people were out enjoying the weather, so I asked you to be patient as no-one here is employed and that we're all just patients and that someone would respond when they were around.

You still didn't give us any information so nobody could reply with anything useful.

I think it's rather unfortunate that you have misinterpreted my reply in such a way. I can't understand why you don't see my first paragraph in reply to your original post as offering help.

If you still want some help, maybe you would like to post again with enough information for members to give you an informed reply.


Well, without wishing to sound nasty or sarcastic or anything, but what sort of response did you expect from just posting your TSH result with no information and no question. Presumably, you wanted an opinion on that result. But, the interpretation of thyroid bloods depends on whether or not you are diagnosed and on thyroid hormone replacement. And anyone - admin or not - will ask for that information before risking an opinion. What she said was perfectly reasonable, she wasn't rude. And, as she also said, there's not much one can gather from a TSH result only. She was only trying to help. And to imply that a little power had gone to her head is completely unreasonable and rather rude, in my opinion.

Now that you've told us you've had a thyroid problem for years, I can tell you that your TSH is saying you need an increase in dose. But that's about all that can be said. Sorry. :)


Totally agree with you, greygoose. SeasideSusie wasn't rude at all and you're not being rude either. Just trying to explain how the site works and how to get the most information.


Thank you, sweetsusie. :)


Anytime, my friend..I have your back always....


For members to be able to help we need more than just a TSH

Unfortunately that is often all GP tests, unless you push for more testing

For full Thyroid evaluation you need TSH, FT4, TT4, FT3 plus TPO and TG thyroid antibodies and also very important to test vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12

Low vitamin levels are extremely common

Ask GP to test these, but if they are unhelpful Private tests are available. Thousands on here forced to do this as NHS often refuses to test FT3 or antibodies or vitamins


Medichecks Thyroid plus ultra vitamin or Blue Horizon Thyroid plus eleven are the most popular choice. DIY finger prick test or option to pay extra for private blood draw. Both companies often have money off offers.

All thyroid tests should ideally be done as early as possible in morning and fasting. When on Levothyroxine, don't take in the 24 hours prior to test, delay and take straight after. This gives highest TSH, lowest FT4 and most consistent results. (Patient to patient tip, GP will be unaware)

If thyroid antibodies are high this is Hashimoto's, (also known by medics here in UK more commonly as autoimmune thyroid disease).

About 90% of all hypothyroidism in Uk is due to Hashimoto's. Low vitamins are especially common with Hashimoto's. Food intolerances are very common too, especially gluten. So it's important to get TPO and TG thyroid antibodies tested at least once .

Your first step it to get copies of all recent blood test results and ranges from GP to find out what has been tested apart from TSH


I’ve been helped so much here, can’t thank them enough.


I'm sorry you feel the way you do . But in reality there is no reason for you to feel as such .

I find that SeasideSusie is Very Kind Very Helpful and Always Ready Willing to Help and Share . She gives of herself from the GOODNESS Of HER HEART . We owe her a Tremendous Gratitude .

In the future you should provide all the important information's that is needed to receive answers to your questions .

I for one with many other members are so Grateful to SeasideSusie SlowDragon Shaws , helvella , greygoose , Marz , Heloise and All The Wonderful Members Who Make This Very Great Forum What It Is . Lets Not Forget The Great Diogenes .

We are all here Navigating our Journey's Together . We Are Not Alone ! THANK YOU !!!! THANK YOU !!!!! THANK YOU !!!!


Hear, hear!


I 2nd that!!🙌


Well said☺


Me too I've felt very confident in the support & advice given on hear, thank you Administrators, I will always be grateful for your help as my brain fog & thyroid struggle is very real 😔 😘


agreed, I think all the administrators/volunteers are absolutely amazing and far more knowledgeable than any GP or endocrinologist I have dealt with. Thank you all if you for what you do.


I Agree Whole Heartily . Ever since I joined this Great Forum It's Been So Very Knoledgable Supportive Helpful Sharing Caring . I'm So Very Grateful To My Thyroid Family . YOUR THE BEST !!!


You didn't ask for help - you just told us to read the attached. No please - no thank you - so not a post I would race towards 😴


Apologies - there was a please 😴


Every morning I read the new questions from people who are desperate for help to understand what is happening to their health. I also read the answers from the extremely helpful community on here, including responses from the Administrators. I am extremely grateful to them in responding in their kind, thoughtful and informative way to questions, as I have been able to understand what is happening to others and then relate to my own symptoms. I am extremely grateful to all the questioners and responders, including the admins as this has been a wonderful lifeline to help me and others on here.

I am sure if you follow their great advice and get the information that is needed you too will get the advice you need.

I would like to use this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all who contribute to this wonderful community. X


I've read your previous post and the response. In all honesty you've over reacted. If anything, your post was on the rude side.

However, what's done is done. Move on, if you need assistance please ask your questions. You'll not be treated any differently to everybody else as long as you don't expect everybody else to be mind readers.


Etski, you may well be feeling fraught and unwell but you saw something in that response that simply wasn’t there. This site is peopled with extremely helpful and knowledgeable humans who do us all a great favour by interpreting the result. I’m sure your GP would be a bit fazed too if you just slapped your results on his desk without saying why! None of us are mind readers, good though the admin etc. are, perhaps you could give a bit more info to make a start on what you need to find out. No one bites on here 😉


I have asked one question when I was very new to al this (hyper), was not getting answers from the GP at the time and got a fantastic, helpful and very speedy response from 2 kind, caring and helpful people here. I didn't expect it and am very grateful to them.

Thank you to the admins on here.


Hi Etski, I thought similar to Espeegee in that , oh my, you must not be feeling well. AND immediately thought ooh noo.... you are in some pain of some sort . I love the helpfulness of all here but I immediately saw the pain in your seeking help via the simple words : please read attached & this current post too screams thyroid pain/distress to me. SENDING A HUGE HUG!!!!🤗❤️


Hi Etski sorry that you didn’t realise how to post your question. Hope you get your answers instead of being ganged up on! Come on everyone doesn’t know how to ask for help please dont criticise. This lady obviously felt she didn’t get the help she thought she would get we dont know what this lady is going thru and yes she didn’t post how you would like it but a post is a post and the lady posted so just be nice and say how do you need your help I am happy to help if you give me some more Info. I’d feel more upset now after all the digs and how wrong she got it than the first post! Remember we are all not perfect 👌


Thank you so much you explained as I couldnt ,thank you x


I suppose your first post did start with "please" .You asked that it be read and it was. Someone even bothered to reply ,although no reply or help was requested and no information was given .Perhaps you were having a bad day ,Got up wrong side of bed .I often do.

The administrators voluntarily ensure that posts fall within the rules of the site such as no adverts ,no political posts etc.The administrator who replied was not acting in that capacity when replying to you but giving helpful information as to the information needed to give advice.

Perhaps a rethink on your part is needed.Using capital letters as you have is rude.


As a newly diagnosed and new to this forum, I put a post on after a few weeks reading the posts, which gave me a general idea of what to put. I was pleasantly surprised at the quick response and number of people willing to take their time to help. The admin people must spend so much of their day reading and replying. The reassurance they gave to both my posts was invaluable. When you post it is like speaking to someone and having a conversation with them. My posts rambled on a bit and I thought they might say that, but no, they were understanding of how I felt.



I have reread both your post and SeasideSusie 's respone and I think you have mis-interpreted/misread/misremembered the response. There was nothing rude in it that I can see. Interpreting any blood results is difficult. The comment on the form may be true for reading from a single test but is unlikely to help any patient who still feels lousy on whatever dose of levo they may be on - and many will still feel lousy at that level. Just as your GP will (if they know what they are doing) interpret your results in a context all that is going on is that more context is being asked for. Without the whole picture it is easy to draw the wrong conclusion (as may well be the case with the comment on the results).

It is also quite easy to post something twice by mistake but duplicate responses do make replying more difficult for other members of HU. I don't think there was any intention to criticise you for accidentally posting twice.


I have always found the people on this site very helpful; never sarcastic. rude or impatient, just doing their very best to help and advise.


Come on Etski, have a giggle, you are today's Super Star! You got it wrong but we all do sometimes; especially when our thyroid meds aren't doing their stuff. In fact, I think its one of the symptoms actually. In the past I've likened not being adequately medicated to a car being driven in the wrong gear. When its in first gear and we are going too fast for that gear we are over-revving like mad and everything's a struggle. When its in fourth gear and we are going too slow for that gear we are slightly out of control and are more likely to stall. Please give Health Unlocked another try as we'd like to help you get back into gear. x


Dear Etski

Please don’t be put off from using this wonderful resource. No offence was intended - I’m certain. It’s been a difficult time for us thyroid sufferers in this heat & you have been suffering for such a long time and I know when I’m feeling like that I can jump to conclusions & not always think the best of others.

The administrators & many of the other kind people who reply are so giving of their time and expertise and are more knowledgeable than most doctors I’ve cone across.

Start over & forget the past. Today is a new day. We all want the best for ourselves & each other.



I seriously don’t understand why you are upset with the administrators response. I read most posts on here each morning both out of interest and to educate myself. I am also a newbie (March 2018) but have learnt so much on this forum already. I still do not have either the knowledge or experience to advise anyone , however I am totally in awe at the time, effort and help offered by members and I applaud them all.

I think you have overreacted but hey we all have off days.


I've always found everyone here really helpful. I'm sure if you share your problems here, people will do their best to help.


So... your TSH was 2.44. That’s a little on the high side. But we need to know:

Are you diagnosed hypothyroid?

Are you on any treatment for hypothyroid? If so, what and how much are you taking?

Without knowing more background we genuinely can’t help. SeasideSusie’s response wasn’t rude—she was trying to explain why you weren’t receiving any other responses.


hi etski, seaside susies reply wasntnasty at al she was explaining what you need to tell them as your'pic' didnt give much info. sometimes when we are not feelingwell we dont always see the answwres that we are wanting and the written word reads different to how we see it. our seaside susie wasnt rude. i hope you getthe help you need,maybe you just didnt understand what she wa saying but everyone is friendly here and we are all unwell and we all help each other stick around.


Hi Etski. Without taking up too much of everyone’s time l would like to say that if you ask for help and give as much information on your health and results the people on this site are always helpful. I had to learn what details l needed to give to get advice. I am just very grateful for all of the help l have been given which has helped me feel better. I hope you continue to use the site and that your health improves.


Good morning Etski, I am so sorry you felt you had to write this but everyone here are just trying to help and support each other as much as they can, to which I am truly thankful for. I have only recently been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism amongst other things.

I was scared and worried like yourself and turned to these wonderful people who have been where we are now and giving advice from their experience. I do not know where I would be without the advice I have received, it has made me question my doctor ask for things to be done and I am now paying for more bloods to be done from advice on here.

Please try again and allow people to help you, tell us how awful you feel, you didn’t sleep some of us don’t have the answers but we will offer you a hug and support. Take care and post 🙂 x

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Admins and members give valuable advice and support without judgement and entirely out of the goodness of their own hearts.....and occasionally without any sign of gratitude for their help.

When we feel ill we do sometimes express ourselves badly...been there!. I'm sorry you misunderstood the perfectly reasonable response you received, and would suggest an apology might not go amiss.

I, for one, would be in a much worse place were it not for the amazing knowledge of people here...and the number and nature of the replies to your post underlines that.

Start again, you will be made welcome, post as much info as possible and I'm sure, with a change of approach, both your views and your health will change.

Take care



Etski I'm another person who can't understand what you mean, I've learnt so so much from this site administrators and the members that I have managed to keep myself well even my GP is impressed! Seaside Suzie is so so knowledge on supplementing I read her reply s to help educate myself and I think that is what we are all trying to do educate and take responsibility for our health!


Hi there Etski sometimes when we write things in text or a email etc we can misjudge the way it comes across and think"what a thing to say" many times we can write things or read things that sound incorrect to us.

Let this forum help you, I joined a year ago today and have never looked back-what I've learnt in a year is fantastic and I'm still giving my Endo a run for his money!!😀

I've never known a admin to be nothing but professional and helpful, omg- especially seasidesusie, she is a font of all knowledge concerning thyroid issues and vitamins etc.

Pluck the courage up and respond, look at all these people who will support you, perk you up, give you hope, keep fighting, someone to have a laugh with- I've had so many giggles on here😀😀.

Get typing away with your details, your a step away from help.xx


HAPPY ANNIVERSERY Rmichelle For Your first Year of joining Our Great Forum . I'm sure it's been a year of Great Support and Improvements for your wellbeing . Your wonderful sense of humor is a Great addition too . After all Laughter Is The Best Medicine .


Ha, still smiling and laughing🙌 we have too, yes 1year and I am so grateful for everyone here who has given me the fight to remain strong and to challenge Endo's who just blah blah everything, and most of all the caring attitude of people who have been there, done that and also a kicking of my backside when it has been needed!!what can I say apart from bloody FANTASTIC forum.🙌🙌🙌


It's Wonderful Members as yourself and Many Others that make it A GREAT FORUM that it is . We Support and Empower One Another .


Thankyou I totally agree we have great members. Xx


Etski, I’d say you’re on a loser complaining about any of the administrators on here. I’d also say 99.99% of people who use this site are more than delighted with the support they get. I have Graves Disease and wouldn’t have survived it so well without advice and support from the people on here.

It’s not just you, anyone who provided just a TSH result even with reference range would have been asked to provide more information. Especially as your results (or what I can see of them) appear to say things are normal and you are adequately medicated.

The level of help you receive depends on how much information you offer when you post. A bit more is needed than ‘please read attached’. In an ideal world you would have TSH, T4,T3,Vitamins B12 and D, ferritin and folates plus their ranges - although in a really ideal world we would all be so well treated that there would be no need for sites like this. Anyway, even if you don’t have all of these tell people why you want advice.

Our administrators and members are good and offer endless amounts of good information - even though they are all volunteers - but none of them are telepathic or have crystal balls and so they need to be told as much information as possible and why you need help.


I read your daily digest email everyday whether it's about hypo or hyper. I find the information and support so helpful. I was diagnosed with graves in April last year and it's been tough. Some days are still hard especially with the dizziness and fatigue. Do you have Graves' disease ? That can make you feel very angry at times and I know this from experience I can snap at the click of a finger. I really hope you re post with more details so that you can get the help and support that we all find on here as the information we receive from our GP and endos is not very helpful they only look at the numbers and not the whole person with all the nasty symptoms. Take care


Ohhh love you have totally misunderstood the response you got 😮 Goodness knows it's easily done when you're ill and maybe over reacting emotionally to imagined slights.. Been there done that 😕 If you just re-read your original post and the reply you will see all she did was point out that more info was needed in order for people to respond and help you. Also that it's a patient to patient forum and everyone on here is ill... Admins most definitely included.

Don't know how you can read it as anything else than give more info and someone will hopefully be along... Including what you wanted people to do other than read it?

You actually gave more info in this post by saying you have had a thyroid problem for thirty two years. So what medication are you on and what dose? Do you have any other test results like t4, t3, freet4, free t3? Do you have Hashimotos? Have you had vitamin d, b12, ferritin and folate tested if so what were the results? Do you supplement if so what? LOL see it kinda gets a bit like an interrogation but honest love the more info you can give the more help you can get.

A treated hypo patient should have a TSH of 1or under normally to feel well so you look under medicated, but there is so much more than that needed to give a proper answer and to help you feel as well as you can.

Try again 🙂



This thread is now closed to further comments.

Etski, if you have a thyroid issue that you would still like help with, please start a new post and include at least some of information that has been requested. Without more information, no-one here can offer any further useful support.

The ability to reply to this post has been turned off.

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