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NDT and Thyroglobulin Test



So I am supposed to have a Thyroglobulin test every so often; it is used as a 'cancer marker'. At my last appointment, my consultant had wanted to do one, but I had recently started on NDT and I understand that this can affect the result and give a false positive. That said, I have also read that this false positives only occurs in a small percentage of case for people on NDT.

Anyway, I didn't have the test.

Does anyone have a conclusive answer to this or any advice regarding this. I did offer to go back onto Thryoxine for 6 weeks before my next consult (so that they could do this test), but I don't really want to and maybe it's unnecessary anyway?

Any thoughts?



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Sorry you had no replies. This may be because your post was missed or simply because no one had any relevant information.

If you still need help you may want to try posting again.


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