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Joint Group Meeting at House of Commons with Lord Hunt


Very good meeting at the House of Commons yesterday with Thyroid Trust, ITT, Midlands Thyroid Support, Norfolk Thyroid Group, TPA, BTF and BTA.

It was agreed that we would all work on a document with evidence for Lord O'Shaughnessy regarding CCGs not adhering to NHS England guidance on liothyronine.

It was very good to meet up with people we have been working with and to meet them all.

I had a chat with prof Krishna Chatterjee after the meeting. Now to get to work!

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Amazing to see us all working together like this. Such progress! Absolutely fabulous work everyone! X


I thank all of you for going along to the meeting and it has given us hope that we will be given thyroid hormones that suit us as individuals. We know one size doesn't fit all.

Great stuff! And it does really make a difference to meet people face to face. I'm jealous of you meeting Prof Chatterjee!

Thanks for all you do. It's really appreciated xx

lynmynottAdministrator in reply to ShinyB

He was such a nice guy and I hope that our chat made him realise that Thyroid UK is a charity worth working with.


Brilliant, thanks so very much for your hard work getting the issue raised so high.

Excellent news and thanks to all working on this project. Look forward to hearing a positive outcome.

Oh well done.....good sign....really hope change does happen. Thankyou for all your hard work. Its so much appreciated.

There seems to be more and more restrictions being placed on GP practises by LCGs. I have hit the same brick wall for a different condition.....all the guidelines from NICE, NHS England etc saying treat do not delaybut LCG has set different rules so my GPs are not allowed to treat! So being sent to a specialist which is delaying treatment due to the long wait & is causing harm.

I think they need to make LCGs to follow the NHS guidelines!!

lynmynottAdministrator in reply to waveylines

The long waits to see endos came up at the meeting so I think we will probably put something in the joint doucment about this. :-)

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