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Cortisol results help please


Can anyone help me with my cortisol results please. Someone has told me that I have elevated cortisol at night. I’ve bought some 1000mg Seriphos and I’ve started taking 2 at night before bed. Is this a correct dose? At the correct time or do I need to take at any other time? Take less/more? Also will lowering my cortisol help with fatigue, dizziness etc? I also have low Vit D, low folate and low ferritin. My thyroid labs came back ok, slightly low T4/T3 but people have said it may not be a thyroid problem. Thank you

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You can see from your results and the graphic that your cortisol is over range for the first 3 samples, and nearer the lower end of range for your bedtime sample. Whoever told you that your bedtime sample was elevated is wrong, you can see that for yourself, if it was elevated it would be greater than the range given (should be less than 0.94 and yours is 0.36, if it was elevated it would be more than 0.94), it would also be showing in the upper red area if it was elevated. So it's not your bedtime level that needs lowering, it's the other 3.

Here is Dr Myhill's article on adrenal test results

I don't know anything about Seriphos so can't comment.

I had high (but just in range) cortisol and my then practioner advised the adaptogenic supplement Adreset by Nutri Advanced, which contains 3 adaptogenic herbs, and I took mine in the morning.

Be careful to ensure you repeat your test. I discontinued consulting with my practioner and never thought to retest and naively continued with the Adreset for 2 years. When I did eventually retest all my levels had virtually bottomed out in the lower yellow zone so now I have to raise my cortisol back into the green zone.

As far as your vitamin/mineral levels are concerned, I gave suggestions for those in your previous post.

I also have elevated Cortisol on awakening and at midday like you. My 4pm and bedtime are at the top of the range but still within range, I've been trying seriphos for about 4 days. I started on one tablet before bed and moved up to 2. I can't say it's really helped with my sleeping at all. I did take one yesterday at 12pm and by 3pm I was absolutely knocked out. If you read the reviews on amazon, people take it at all sorts of times during the day, adapting to their own experiences / results. AS a side note, I would just like to highly rate any advice you get from Seaside susie. She knows her stuff! :-)

You need to find out and reduce your stressors. If there is nothing obvious than consider food allergy testing. You may have hidden allergies that you are not aware of. I found out after the age of 50 that I have allergies to dairy and egg which I had been eating all my life! This was something that was driving my cortisol response.

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