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Thiroyd NDT are you self medicating? Also where do you obtain your NDT (pm please) x


Hi been on this NDT since Oct 2015 when Tai carer phoned her cousin who a pharmasist in Thailand to reassure me its a good product.

Came off thyroxine. Just treating symptoms atm. Still feel Hypo.

Still severe M.E but wanted hear from those on this NDT that are going by symptoms not blood.

Also PM please where you get your Thiroyd as may want change my supplier.

Thank you x

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As butterflyfairy has requested, any information regarding suppliers please send by private message only as we can't name suppliers on the open forum.

I will leave the post open for replies regarding her other question. But please, no supplier information on the thread.


When we switch to NDT - we usually switch straight over to an equivalent dose of what we took previously.

Then every two weeks we increase by 1/4 tablet (assuming it's 100mcg) until symptom-free. Alwasy being mindful of symptoms etc being relieved and hopefully no new symptoms.

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