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Source T3


I am new to here hope you can advise, I feel so ill all the time

My endo has written to GP, recommending a trial of t3, and asking if they can write a private prescription to enable me to source abroad. GP has refused.

Can anyone private message where I can source abroad without prescription.

I am due a telephone appointment with endo end of august, don't even get face to face appointment, really fed up with being bounced backward and forward

Hope someone can advise.

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Why didn't the Endo himself prescribe T3 for you????? The cost to you will be prohibitive however due to the Big Pharmas increasing the cost to the NHS by 6,000% yes 6,000%.

Your GP has refused as I assume it will be charged to the surgery.

Put up a new post asking where you can source T3 without a prescription and ask for a Private Message to be sent to you. Your post will then be closed just in case answers are inadvertently posted. You will however still be able to receive private messages.

There was a Debate in the House of Lords a couple of weeks ago about the increased cost of T3 which has now been withdrawn, despite people being on iit for years.

I don't think Endocrinologists really care that much as they are the ones who insist that levo alone is best when people like you, me and many others on this forum cannot recover at all on levo.



Ask your endo to write the private prescription, explaining that your GP refused. Then you can use the information in this article from ThyroidUK's main website which tells you where you can source T3 with a private prescription (near the end of the article).

I will close this post so that no information on sourcing T3 without prescription is posted on the open forum.

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