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Caffeine and tsh


Yesterday I was given a blood test form by my new GP including thyroid. (TSH only from what I can see 😩) . I was planning on going first thing this morning to the phlebotomy clinic. However I was on autopilot and made myself a coffee. Remembering the advice here to have water only prior to a test I did a quick Google to see what impact caffeine might have on a test result and found this:

Thought it may be of interest here. (I won't be getting my blood test done today!)

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Interesting and from 1980 yet we aren’t being advised to avoid it before a test yet, despite so much reliance on test results. Thanks for posting.


Also remember to not take Levothyroxine in 24hours before test. Delay dose and take straight after

Undiagnosed so not under any treatment but appreciate it anyway 💙

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