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Sleepless Sweaty Nights

Hi everyone,

I've had my levo increased from 25 to 50 almost 4 weeks ago....... I don't think I've had one decents nights sleep since...... (obviously it's been warm I know) but I have had hot sweats through the night which is making sleeping extremely difficult.

I posted last week on here too about being extremely emotional, low mood and irritable.

Is this all related to my levo increase?

Just in process of changing doctors so will be getting more blood tests soon.

Any advice or info greatly appreciated - never realised how your thyroid could impact your life like this.

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Was your brand of Levo changed when dose was increased?

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Yes - my 25's were MercuryPharma and my 50's are Actavis!!



If you were fine on the Mercury Pharma, and you have enough, give a trial of taking 2 x 25mcg MP and see how that goes. If no problems, ask your GP if you can stay on that brand, or ask the pharmacy to dispense only that brand in future. I'm fine on Actavis but some people aren't, some people don't get on with Teva but some do, we have to find a brand that suits us and stick to it.


Thank you - not sure how many I have of the MP ones but sure I have enough to try at least a few nights - will start tomorrow and see how I go.

I did think it maybe a brand issue but done a search on Activis on this site and read up that most people were fine on it.

Just seems coincidental that it's literally the same time as I increased and changed my levo brand.

I'm 46 so GP is likely to say I'm menopausal - plus I'm inbetween changing surgery but looking forward to maybe seeing a doctor that actually wants to help!!


Essential to test vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12

These are often too low when hypothyroid and very often need supplementing to improve

Low B12 can cause night sweats


Low vitamin D linked to insomnia


Also as SeasideSusie says, always stick to same brand of Levothyroxine once you find one that you can tolerate

For full Thyroid evaluation you need TSH, FT4, TT4, FT3 plus TPO and TG thyroid antibodies. Plus always very important to test vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12

Private tests are available. Thousands on here forced to do this as NHS often refuses to test FT3 or antibodies


Medichecks Thyroid plus ultra vitamin or Blue Horizon Thyroid plus eleven are the most popular choice. DIY finger prick test or option to pay extra for private blood draw. Both companies often have money off offers.

All thyroid tests should ideally be done as early as possible in morning and fasting. When on Levothyroxine, don't take in the 24 hours prior to test, delay and take straight after. This gives highest TSH, lowest FT4 and most consistent results. (Patient to patient tip, GP will be unaware)

If antibodies are high this is Hashimoto's, (also known by medics here in UK more commonly as autoimmune thyroid disease).

About 90% of all hypothyroidism in Uk is due to Hashimoto's. Low vitamins are especially common with Hashimoto's. Food intolerances are very common too, especially gluten. So it's important to get TPO and TG thyroid antibodies tested at least once .


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