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Antibodies and going off methimizole



My thyroid has tested in range for past year.

My TSI antibodies are abnormal at 3.8 iu/l (Down from 12.8) normal is less than 1.

One Endo tells me that he doesn’t use antibodies ( amd has had much success with this approach ) and asked me to go off the medication . The other Endo says if I have antibodies I will relapse and stay on 2.5mg methimozole.

What do

You think?

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Have you looked at gluten free diet, this can help with Graves as well as Hashimoto's

Ideally ask GP for coeliac blood test first

Your second endo is correct. As long as you have antibodies, you're considered to have active Graves'. You are not in remission and a relapse would be expected if you stop the methimazole. You can stay on low dose methimazole for years, and add back levothyroxine if necessary.

I would stick with the second approach. It’s unlikely to do you any harm, and may do some good.

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Thanks you are right.. I’m so close! I have come down from 13 to 3.. only 2 more to go!

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