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NHS T3 Prescription Policy - greater Manchester


Fyi to those in greater Manchester:

We follow the guidance from the Greater Manchester Medicines Management Group (GMMMG) formulary which states that prescribers in primary care cannot initiate the treatment of Liothyronine in new patients. However, in exceptional circumstances, if the treatment has been initiated by a consultant NHS endocrinologist in secondary care, it can be prescribed for individuals who have an on-going need for Liothyronine [1,2].


1.Greater Manchester Medicines Management Group. Formulary Subgroup – BNF Chapters [online] Available from gmmmg.nhs.uk [accessed: 6/7/2018].

2.NHS England. September 2017. Items which should not be routinely prescribed in primary care: Guidance for CCGs. [online] Available from: england.nhs.uk/publication/... [accessed: 6/7/2018]

I trust this response is satisfactory and should you have any further questions or queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely, Val

Val Bayliss-Brideaux

Senior Engagement Manager

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