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hypothyroidism and Thyroid pills

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Hi, I am new here.

I have hypothyroidism and have been taken desiccated Thyroid pills for years, good results and no side effects. However, the clinic in Denmark which prescribed them has closed down, and I am looking for a GP/endocrinologist who can prescribe them for me, as well as searching for the German Pharmacy where I bought them. I live in the UK.

Can anyone help with either?

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You can email Dionne for the list of thyroid friendly doctors, then ask on the forum for feedback on any that you can get to. Also, it might be worth ringing their secretary to see if they are open to prescribing NDT. It's unlikely that you will find an NHS doctor to prescribe as NDT is unlicensed here and they would have to take personal responsibility which most aren't willing to do, although you may find that if you go private you'd have more luck.


ThyroidUK's articles on where to get NDT with a prescription in the UK


and German pharmacies listed at the end of this article thyroiduk.org/tuk/treatment...

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