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ingredients in mercury pharma


i have been taking 50mcg of liothyrinine from mercury pharma and have still felt fatigued. losing hair and from eyebrows. i feel it is not working for me but cannot take levothyroxine. i have looked at ingredients of these and says it includes industrial methylated spirits. i am horrified. i have tried morningside t3 but they made me feel even worse. can anyone suggest natural liothyrinine. i have asked before but very confused.

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There is no "natural" liothyronine. There is Natural Desiccated Thyroid which contains T4 and T3, but even that isn't completely natural. It's made from pig's thyroid but it has synthetic additives/fillers to make the tablet.

Here is a pdf of thyroid treatments with a list of their fillers from ThyroidUK's main website. Scroll down to page 11 which is where the Liothyronine information starts and you can check the ingredients of the different makes

You might want to look at Thybon Henning. It's slightly different as it is liothyronnine hydrochloride instead of liothyronnine sodium

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