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Desperate for help!

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I watched my mother die slowly of cancer as a young girl and so I considered myself blessed when they removed my thyroid and stopped the cancer on me! But the slow spiraling road I have been on since that day has been a nightmare. I didn’t know how important a thyroid was until I didn’t have one. Two years of seeing different doctors and not one would help me get on better meds. The journey has been sad and enlightening!

I am wondering if I can order meds on line and self medicate? I am looking for Naturethroid. Or a doctor who could script it for me in the UK?

Any help?

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As we can't discuss sources of supply on the open forum, I will close your post to replies and anyone who can help will send you a private message.

You can email Dionne at ThyroidUK for the list of thyroid friendly endos and ask on the forum for feedback on any that you can get to, also you could contact their secretaries and ask if they are open to prescribing NDT.

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