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Help with test results please

Hi all:) I have Graves’ disease, TT, TED. My symptoms are dizziness(not so much being dizzy but almost passing out. Vision goes black and I have to sit down. Low bp (have seen it as low as 77/48), puffy eyes and episodes that are hard to explain(feeling shaky but not appearing shaky) and cognitive issues and occasional depression. I am on 100mcg t4 + 7.5 mcg T3. Here are my test results. Advice is greatly appreciated.

Ferritin (10-232). 53

Folate (>5.4). 12.7ng/ml

B12 (200-1100). 398pg/ml

VitD (30-100) 49ng/ml

TSH (>or=20 years 0.40-4.50). 0.38

T3 total (76-81). 83

Free T4 (0.8-1.8). 1.2

Just got a call from doctor stating that I am hyperthyroid and to lower my t4 by a half a pill per week.

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Oops, my T3 level is 81 (76-181)


Graves disease is Hyperthyroid .....but your results DO NOT SHOW THAT and you are clearly being treated for HYPOTHYROID and your T3 is extremely low so your doctor simply does not know what they are talking about

Without t3 and t4 being both in balance and both near top of their ranges you will not feel well

You are not converting the T4 in levothyroxine into the vital T3 that every single body cell needs to function

Your ferritin and B12 are too low and must be halfway in their ranges for the t4 to t3 conversion to occur

You certainly do not need to reduce your levothyroxine

Do check the results you have posted very carefully though


Graves disease has its own symptoms. You have to be born with the gene to have graves.i have been sick with hyper/graves for over 21 years.


Hi espisnowwoman I was diagnosed with Graves’ disease back in 2003. I also have thyroid eye disease. I had RAI and then a total thyroidectomy. I felt pretty good after that for many years. I was always on 150mcg levothyroxine but about 2 or 3 years ago I started having symptoms again and my medication has been lowered a few times since then and im not feeling better for it, only worse. I’ve been reading on this forum for quite awhile now and see that many here really know what they’re talking about so I was grateful to get some advice:)


Can i ask what are your symptoms now? I still have my thyroid. My endo wanted to do rai on me but i said no. When i first got told what i had i was 6 weeks from death. I also have high blood pressure and other issues.


My symptoms now are low blood pressure( as low as 77/48) puffy eyes, cognitive issues, dizziness, depression and episodes that are hard to explain. (Feel shaky and clumsy and just odd) it all started when my doc said I was hyperthyroid and lowered my levothyroxine a couple of times. When I talk about my symptoms I’m treated like a hypochondriac and I’m offered psychiatric meds. Many times in the last couple of years I have wished that I kept my thyroid. I wonder how has it been for you, 21 years with Graves’ disease and kept your thyroid?


He should have increased ur meds with hyperthyroid. It has not been easy. I get depressed to and i will not take meds for it. I now take 350 mgs of blood pressure meds a day. My doctor checked my labs three times and said that my graves is in remission due to my menopause. Sometimes i wonder i dont put faith in doctors no more because a doctor caused me to be so sick. It has not been an easy road for me.if u ever need someone to talk to iam always here.


I don’t have much trust in doctors either. I was told that if I had the thyroidectomy that I would be cured. That was Lie and now I’m treated as a crazy person. It is a hard road, at least we know we aren’t alone. Thanks for chatting with me. If you need someone to talk with also you can message me anytime.


I will keep u in my prayers. Just know that you are not crazy!!


Thanks, I’ll keep you in my prayers as well:)


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