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Scalp issues?

Is there anyone who can relate, advise, me regarding my scalp? Please, I've begun to get lumps 1 now 2 that are very painful. They aren't pimples, related to dirty hair etc. I'm hypothyroid, working very hard to follow suggestions, here ie: food, vitamins etc. I'm on a compounded armour 60mg, which I'm told is under medicated, also on compounded hormone replacement (progesterone, estrogen). I return back to primary-go end of July, as just had a current blood test. Till then, can anyone reply if/they can relate & possible remedy? In any form, natural, over the counter? Hot weather makes it worse, as they become very itchy, stinging pain. If pressed very painful. No oozing, scabbing, ice helps/ ice. Please reply w confirmation if it's related, any ideas to help? Thanking you in advance🦉

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How is your B12 level ? I remember having an itchy scalp which I would scratch and it would bleed.- also arms.


I take a additional b12...any other ideas? I'm water rinse hair/head daily...i admit it sounds gross, but it's horrible to have😬


Consider the suggested under-medication then 😊


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