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Ginger capsules, ginkgo tablets and l- Theanine tablets .

Can anyone tell me if there is a problem in taking any of the above supplements at the start of the day with vitamin supplements. As I'm thinking of adding the above, (over a period of time), to my regime, as an aid to helping my adrenals.

Thank you

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I don't think there's any problem with them, but I'm wondering why you think they will help your adrenals.

If you do start them with your vits, don't start them all at the same time. Leave a two weeks gap in between starting each one. When do you take your thyroid hormone?


Thanks for replying Greygoose,,

I take my NDT at 6.45 each morning, followed by Nutri adrenal supps at 7.45, then breakfast at 8am.

I am really struggling at present with very low Cortisol.

This was largely lowered by taking too much Ashwaghanda !! However I'm off that now and with the guidance of a functional doctor, it's been suggested that those three supplements (above), would help me ?

So I just want to be sure I take them appropriately ?

Thanks for the advice to take them 2 weeks apart. The doc said one week so that I could see if any of them is uncomfortable for me. But maybe 2 weeks would be less stressful ????

It was suggested I take the Theanine first to help with the depression and anxiety and sleep, as it helps lift mood and calms the body's response to stress.

Just want to feel comfortable in what I'm doing, as the LOW cortisol is so limiting !!!!

Thanks again Greygoose !


Well, from what I've read, the use of these elements in adrenal fatigue is based on the belief that the AF is caused by stress. I'm don't know if they would have the same effect on someone who has AF due to low thyroid hormone. But, worth a try, I guess.

But, take them well away from your levo. At least two hours. :)


Thanks, the doc (DrFrey) does specialise in Thyroid and he is one of TUK's recommended doc's. He bases his recommendation on Dr Lam's Adrenal Fatigue book. Dr Frey wants to put me on Rhodiola after a while, but wants me to have a break from the main adaptogens after the Ashwaghanda !

Having said that Dr Lam classes Ginger and Ginkgo as adaptogens, which was news to me til I looked at his web site. My thyroid results were very good, but obviously not working due to the low Adrenals.

Hopefully the adrenal supplements will be doing something ??? And I do feel stressed at times!

I do hope I'm doing the right thing ? I do know that he has seen several TUK people.


News to me, too. But, Rhodiola is an adaptogen, and will probably have the same effect as the ashwagandha.


Well I think that is what he's concerned about. So just wants to help me regarding the symptoms. It certainly looks as though the Ginger and l-Theanine could be a help.

A nutritionist I sounded out said "the clue is in the word, adaptogen" it should balance the Adrenals. But both myself and SeasideSusie had the result of adaptogens lowering the Cortisol too much. Both of us had been on them too long !!!

Do you think I should give those supplements a go ?


Try them, yes, but survey your reactions carefully. :)


Thanks Greygoose, I will. But you're right, so many things you look at about AF, assume it's from stress and TOO much Cortisol.


You're welcome. :)


I found that Ashwaghanda helped raise my morning cortisol, so it does sometimes work as expected for some people. I remember seeing some advice that said with this type of supplement you should stop as soon as you feel great and then start again when you start to feel bad again (if you do)


Thanks Angel of the North. But I had to stop the Ashwaghanda as my cortisol had gone down very low , even though taking adrenal supplements !

I had an updated saliva test done and was a bit shocked to see the position had worsened( cortisol was even lower than previous test), wasn't expecting that!!

When I put a question on this site about it, the same thing had happened to another member. So I looked at Dr Lam's (extensive adrenal information), on his web site, and he said that "adaptogens are fine for mild adrenal fatigue and should be part of the adrenal recovery tool box. But the more advanced the adrenal fatigue, the more the glandular tends to lose its adaptogenic properties and become stimulatory in nature from a clinical perspective"!

So I'm not inclined to introduce any strong adaptogen for a while, just keep slowly increasing my Nutri Adrenal tabs.


I didn't start using it until I'd been taking other adrenal glandulars for several years, so perhaps that's why it worked for me.


You might want to take L'Theanine late in the day and just drink tea earlier on (not with thyroid meds, of course).


Thanks for replying Angel, Why would it be best to take the L Theanine later in the day ?


It's usually used as a sleep aid.


Oh ! It doesn't say anything on the pot about when to take them except 'after a meal'. Have you had them before, and is it likely to make me a touch dopey?


Don't think it will make you dopey, just more relaxed


Thank you very much for your advice I would probably have taken it earlier in the day , which wouldn't have been much help, as that's when my cortisol is lowest, and I have least energy !!!! Thanks !


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