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I had TT due to thyroid cancer on November 9th 2017. I been having really bad pains in my neck were my scar is. All the doctors and consultants have said it nerve damage and nerve pain. I feel like there is a stabbing pain sensation. My GP sent me to have an ultrasound last Friday. And I can't not believe what the doctor said. There are surgical clips in my neck which should not be there.

So all this time I have been complaining of pain and the medical professionals said pain damage /pain.

Seeing my surgeon on Monday to discuss!

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How awful and what a shock for you. It is difficult to believe and damages your reliance on any future suggestions by them. To suffer for eight months through negligence! I would certainly put in a complaint or get professional advice about medical incompetence.

Viksstar28 in reply to shaws

I have only just gone back to work and that was because of my sick pay had run out. So will definitely be looking in to putting a clam in.

Viksstar28 don't let PALS and local CCG waylay you. Please put inan official complaint to NHS Complaints Team,so that it gets to Health Service Ombudsman quicker. Sorry this has happened to you and wish you well.

If your doctor had anything in writing ask if you can have a copy plus write down whilst fresh in you mind ehobhad said what when and also make notes on how this has impinged on your day to day life. You may need this info at a later date so start putting it together now and anything else re this issue as this unfolds.

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