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Help with my results please


I had a thyroid test done yesterday as I have been feeling ill as usual & unable to recover from infections. I had a partial thyroidectomy done 12 years ago & do not take medication as my results always fall within the limits for normal thryroid function.

Serum free T4 14 (10-22)

TSH 2.6 (0.3 - 5.5)

My results are above & please could someone comment who understands these results. I know I'm within the NHS limits, but I'm so ill & antibiotics are not working on my infection (UTI)

Thank you in advance

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Could I ask the reason for thyroidectomy as it can have a bearing on best approach to recovery?

Have you had all your vitamin levels tested? Low vitamin D is very common with thyroid conditions and may contribute to lowered ability to recover good health. Essential to test vit D, B12, folate, ferritin. if around the age of menopause then essential to ensure a calcium rich diet and possibly restrict caffeine.

Ask doctor to investigate reasons for UTI not clearing up and ask for vitamins tests. Make sure you get a copy of results and post here as docs will say all fine if anywhere in NHS range but bumping along the bottom will not make us feel well.

Good probiotics in diet can improve gut function and help nutrient absorption. A large part of our immune system resides in our gut so good gut health helps fight infection Slowdragon has good links and advice.

jillyana in reply to Nanaedake

Thanks for your reply - My thyroid was removed due to it being pre-cancerous. No, I haven't had any vitamin tests done. I cannot get to see a doctor this side of Christmas! The last time my ferritin was tested it was 8 & I was given iron tablets which didn't absorb. I had to beg to get a thryoid test done over the phone to a bored sounding doctor. I have tried probiotics, but I take so many antibiotics it probably cancels them out!!

Nanaedake in reply to jillyana

Have you had a thorough antibodies check? As you no longer have a thyroid, it's unlikely you will have thyroid antibodies unless you have a good remnant but you may have other antibodies as autoimmune conditions can coexist. As your iron was so low, it might be worth your GP running an antibodies check as it indicates possible poor absorption of nutrients. What is your vitamin B12 and folate like?

I see on your history you were getting uti's 4 years ago, have you seen a Urologist and had any investigations done ?

I have the same problem and have kidney stones, my Urologist has put me on a permanent low dose of antibiotics and so far it's working.

I don't know your age but using a topical vaginal hrt also helps to control uti's, as well as taking the probiotic for women by Optibacs.

jillyana in reply to bantam12

Hello, I saw a Urologist & he said my constant uti 's are due to damage done when I gave birth. He read my notes & said he wasn't surprised I have so many infections - I just have to live with it. I can only take Amoxicillan as I'm allergic to all other drugs - trouble is they have been over prescibed to everyone & they take ages to kill the germs. It costs me a fortune every time I get an infection.

Thank you for your reply & I'm glad you have found something which works for you.

Nanaedake in reply to jillyana

I would ask for second opinion on urology as you may find opinions differ. You could get blood tests for vitamins done via private lab. If in UK then search thyroid UK for section on blood tests which lists reliable labs.

bantam12 in reply to jillyana

That sounds like a response from a very disinterested Urologist, saying you have to live with it is not really acceptable, there must be bacteria getting in so needs investigation and treatment.

I first saw a really bad Urologist who couldn't care less so I ditched him and went elsewhere, I'm on my third one and finally getting somewhere.

I think you need to get another opinion especially with your antibiotic problems.

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