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bladder prolapse


for a while i have had continual Uti's and given millions of antibiotics. i also have a part prolapse womb and the gyno told me i had a prolapse bladder or was it that and not the womb? how ever it is uncomfortablle to walk now always feeling as if i need to have a wee and not be able to empty it properly, and no uti at the moment- reading this link here i am so cross because it could have been avoided if they were to test and replace estrogen instead of alway s banging on about how dangerous a hormone is, there are bio estrogens as well for heavens sake. t doesnt help that i have a degree of hypermobilty -connective tissue problem, so i reckon it will be surgery but i dont want that bloody mesh lark!

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So sorry you are going through all this bluepettals2 .

Sorry to hear this pettals ~ I think I probably have a mild version of this ~ at least I don't think anythings exactly where it should be😕 No you definitely don't want that awful mesh ~ it's caused so much pain and misery to so many women 😥. Good luck with getting it sorted 🍀 xx



Have you tried kegel exercises? I think you said you'd bought a Kegel8 Ultra 20, have you been using it?

I have been working on my cystocele, which I believe according to your link would be a Grade 2, maybe slightly more but definitely not a Grade 3. GP and a Gynae tried to push me to have surgery, then a ring pessary, but I said I didn't want either, just wanted to see a Physiotherapist. Eventually got to see one, and using the Ultra20 plus, then adding a Biofeedback Pelvic Trainer, I have seen good results. It's taken time and dedication, plus the cost of the units, and I do the exercises every day to ensure that I don't go back to where I was before, and I think it's worth it.

I have seen various figures for failure rate of the surgery, from 30-40% to 80%, and I know of someone who has had surgery for prolapse fail twice (once within 4-5 months), so 3 repairs that I know of, not sure if the last one was successful or not.

yes i thought i had said i bought a machine but cant find where i wrote it-doh! ii really havent used it as much as i should, so now i must make a point of using it every dayi tend to get settled on sette with fone and leave it itto work for about 2 hours! but i should do it every day and i dont... whatis a biofeedback trainer?

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to bluepettals2


You can't really leave the Ultra20 going for 2 hours, the programmes have a set length and if you use one of the 2 programmes for Prolapse they run for either 30 or 40-45 minutes.

When I saw the Physiotherapist, she explained that manual exercises are best. I showed her the Ultra20 and she said that is a "lazy way" of doing it and not as effective as manual exercises. She suggested a probe that had an indicator that told you if you were doing the manual exercises correctly. I went on from that to this Biofeedback Pelvic Trainer where you have to do the work and it scores you on a scale, you can keep track of your progress. I liked the fact that you can see how much you are improving and I now reach maximum every time.

I do the Ultra 20 first thing in the morning (30 minutes), as it takes me a while to come round in the morning I wouldn't be able to do the manual one so I leave that until the afternoon (15 minutes). It is the Biofeedback Trainer that has made the most difference to me. I do the exercises every day (can take a day off if absolutely necessary) and now I don't even realise I have a cystocele.

i would reset it when the time ran out - can you give me the name f the trainer probe please i will get one as i am not sure i am doingany good like this with a machine thanks so much.

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to bluepettals2


You should only stick to the time of the programme. When it switches off that's it. Otherwise you will overwork the muscles and that won't do any good.

This is the probe with the indicator

But personally I wouldn't bother with it if you are going to get the Biofeedback Pelvic Trainer. If you want to know anymore then PM me.

yes that is typical me- overdo it!

is your biofeedback trainer acually kegal 18? i am in a hurry now as due to see gyno in july, iwasnt tolld about the probe? haveno idea what to buy, if you tell me i will hurry and get one thanks i will getbothif the other is kegal 18, i have got the 20.

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to bluepettals2


No, they don't have a model number Kegel 18.

I linked to it on my previous reply, it's called Kegel8 Biofeedback Pelvic Trainer. Here's the link again

I bought a machine years ago - one where you stick a metal probe up your wotsit and then send electric shocks through it. Sounds awful and scary, but really worked well. So try your machine. You really don't want mesh. You can buy vagifem (bioidentical estradiol pessaries) from the usual online pharmacies if GP won't prescribe or just go with the OTC estriol creams, if you think that would help

gyno hs given 0.01 percent estriol cream now .

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