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Here's some good info on how to use SPINA mathematical software - developed by the world's leading thyroidologists and available free of charge online - to make better sense of thyroid labs. Thyroid labs by themselves are highly unreliable and don't tell you whether you in are in the optimal range or not.


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I've read this and find it sensible in many ways, but there are serious errors in it. First and foremost the SPINA model was NOT developed by the people he says, but by Dr Johannes Dietrich in Germany, an advisor to TUK. He clearly is not acquainted with the literature on this. Also I do not agree with the idea that total suppression of TSH is always detrimental in therapy, or that in some patients, T3 only is a dangerous and non physiological treatment. Also I do not agree with the idea that NDT is dangerous because of its "wrong" T4/T3 ratios. These therapies naturally have to be more closely controlled than say T4 only, but good control renders them perfectly acceptable.

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