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Test results


Hi dr said everything is in range- they didn’t check my free t3,Iron, or vitamin D

TSH <0.01-mU/L 0.35-5.0

Free T4 8.9-pmol/L 9.0-21.0

Total T3 2.0 nmol /L. 0.9-2.5

Cholesterol 5.8 nmol/L

I am currently on 4 grains of NDT I dropped my dose a few weeks ago as it from a new supplier, also summer months you don’t need as much, my heart rate has been high and I am borderline for high blood pressure, just started candesartin, as a migraine profilactic.


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Well, your TSH and FT4 aren't in range are they? Not sure how your GP can't see that. BUT when on NDT TSH will be low or even suppressed and FT4 will be low. Again BUT when on NDT it is important that FT3 is tested. If your NDT is prescribed then your GP should be ensuring FT3 is tested. If not prescribed then you'll probably have to do what hundreds of us here do and that's do our own thyroid panel to include FT3. Medichecks and Blue Horizon are both recommended.

And if you want any vitamins and minerals tested and GP wont do them then go for the thyroid/vitamin bundle as it's the best value - Medichecks Thyroid Check UltraVit or Blue Horizon Thyroid Plus Eleven.

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