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Ketogenic diet success

I stumbled across a website called, intriguingly, The Fat Emperor a few weeks ago. The website is run by an engineer who could never lose weight until he tried a ketogenic diet. He has also brought out a book about the ketogenic diet, including lots of detailed, current science about it and lots of recipes. I have been using these recipes for two weeks now and have lost seven pounds!! This is me, who, when strictly calorie counting, managed to lose three pounds in three months. I still can’t quite believe it works. But it does. I’ve had plenty of green veg, which I love, berries, salad, trout, mackerel, salmon, chicken, cauliflower rice (even my choosy husband loves this!) and Greek yoghurt. I can’t believe how well I feel.

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I’m so pleased for you - I find I do best on a low carb diet too.

But as with everything like this, some folk really don’t do so well on low carb diets and end up feeling ill and miserable (many people feel rough for the first few days of adaptation - I don’t mean that, I mean the folk who persist for several weeks). Plus some folk seem to find it depresses their FT3 levels, which when you’re hypothyroid isn’t a great outcome.

Definitely worth a try though, cos it really works great for some. And it’s all good food too - cuts out so much of the processed crap!

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