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thyroid result from january is considered hyPER



30/01/2018 15:35 Serum

Sodium 144 mmol/L ( 135 to 145 ) Auth

Potassium 4.2 mmol/L ( 3.5 to 5.0 ) Auth

Urea 10.0 mmol/L ( 3.3 to 6.7 ) Auth

Creatinine 76 umol/L ( 45 to 120 ) Auth

GFR calculated abbreviatd MDRD 65 mL/min/1.73m2 Auth

Comments :

For black afro-caribbean ethnicity result needs to be

further multiplied by 1.212

Serum Ferritin 280.7 ug/L ( 20 to 300 ) Auth

Vitamin B12 1440 pg/mL ( 180 to 1100 ) Auth

Free T4 11.5 pmol/L ( 10.3 to 24.5 ) Auth

Free T3 4.0 pmol/L ( 3.5 to 6.5 ) Auth

TSH 0.04 mIU/L ( 0.3 to 5.5 ) Auth

because my tsh is 0.04 my dose of armour was reduced from 6 x one quarter grains to 5 a day. in january, i asked for a blood test at gp last week, to take to endo yesterday, and i noticed gp had put HYPER thyroid. that is wrong- i forgot to pick it up and went to endo without it yesterday but he was banging on about the 'best level of which to judge is TSH' ( OH DEAR) here we go again. the bloody crown jewels tsh!

so i can't have my meds 'upped'. i am like a tired sloth- i am asleep an hour after i am upand i am asleep thru the day a si just cant keep awake. my eyes are streaming and it is not hay fever. i am tired energy less and wacked out daily how can i be hyPER? Can anyone direct me to a reputable acceptable peice of info explaining that armour thyroid MAY increase tsh but my thyroid is clearly NOT working. i can then print it off and send it to him. my grateful thanks.

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Certainly doesn't look Hyper to me bluepettals2. Sorry you are still suffering so much.

Your results pretty much mirror mine, and I am on NDT. I am going to up my dose by half a grain (I buy privately). It is the low TSH that scares them. I tell them it is a block and replace and they never argue as they do not know!

They are not living in your body, and they do not care how you feel as long as you conform to their idea of normal. Ignore it and listen to your body.

I am currently waiting to see an Endo, as I wanted to move to T3 due to the difficulty and expense of buying NDT. 8 month wait so far, and no sign of an appointment with someone who no doubt will turn out to be a diabetic specialist. Sigh!

hi serenfach, i was on t4 and t3 but my endo agreed for me to trial armour to see if it would help myhair. but he left andnow his replacement hasnt a clue- i slept sitting up yesterday waiting to see him- i am always asleep and always tired and yawning i so ***** off with it- iaske dhim to return me to t4 an dt3 and he wont has he says that the trust wont pay for it anymore. i am stuck now and dontknow what to do. i could never afford t3. ndt is bad enough. amongst the barage of other things i take. what do you mean block and replace - iwan tto explain to him about the low tsh.

ferritin is high due to infection? inflammation?

Block and replace is common with some drugs - they stop the natural production and replace it with something that suits you better. NDT does not work like this, but every doc and endo I have said this to has agreed and it stops further discussion.

You should have a low TSH reading as you are replacing what the body needs, so the feedback to the pituitary stops as the body recognises that it does not have to signal the thyroid to produce hormone. I would say you are a little low on your current dose, even more so if you did not skip a dose before the test.

Your VitB is very high. I dont know why this should be and it may be worth asking another question here about that, as there are some brilliant people here that know about vits.

Good luck in finding a way to feel well. We all seem to have to find our own way and it can take a while, but keep digging! Hug.

hi serenfach. he keeps lowering it as my tsh gets lower. in fact my gp who did the blood form for me to tke to hgim put HYPER thyroid on there- i crossed it out! at this rate i wont be takingany! infact have you EVER seen a hyper active sloth or snail? !--- my b12 is high because i did a gene test an di dont absorb b12 so i had to fight for injection, and because endo refuse dhrt ( i wanted it for hairloss) he agree d to to tell my gp that i need b12 si dontabsorb it an dhe isnt worried as he said you cant overdose on b12 it will just get peed out but i am still a bloody wet weekend. i hav eben lssep twice today an donly just fel a bit more awke so i wonder if my adrenals are kbnackered. its is 17.50 pm.

They do not understand NDT. I also got a diagnosis of Hyper and even a prescription! If I had not read up and with the help of everyone on here, I probably would have trusted the GP and taken the pills and ended up in A&E or worse! I realised that the only person who really cared about my health is me, and began the journey of discovery. I would still be a very sick person if it was not for this forum and I am so grateful it exists and for the wonderful help here.

So keep reading, and keep fighting your corner.

i was at one time very clued up but years later of so manythings goingwrongi forgot what i learnt! i am still struggling to just think how i am goingto explain to him that i am HYPO with all th ebloody symptoms- i dont know how to explain to him levels of t3 ndt are differnent to levo/lio.

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