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Serum Calcium, Serum Phosphate, Vit D

Concerned that Serum Calcium gone down rapidly. Serum Phosphate increased in inverse proportion (no room for graph). Vit D 70. Serum Magnesium near bottom of range.

I take 2 x Adcal a day (Calcium and Vit D) for Osteoporosis and 300 mg Magnesium.

Brief History

2011 Breast Cancer

2012 Thyroid Cancer - thyroidectomy and radioactive iodine

Wondering about possibility of Hypoparathyroid? Anything else?

Recently diagnosed Fibromyalgia - fatigue and upper body pain. But docs cannot explain severe nerve and muscle pain and appalling burning in legs which started about Christmas. Had nerve conduction tests - all normal.

Taking Gabapentin which is helping 'Fibro' pain but doing nothing for leg pain etc.

Lots of bloods done but because all 'in range' (*sigh*) no apparent connections made.

I can access my GP test results on line and have spent all afternoon looking at them.

Something's not right.

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Calcium lowers as Vitamin D drops

Have you had vitamin D tested

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Yes. At 70, it's within range but I would have expected it to be higher with prescribed supplement. It hasn't dropped at all. Pretty stable.


It doesn't look like that much of an unusual variation in calcium levels. I know the graph makes it look like a huge drop but if you look at the units of measurements, they are pretty tight. You can increase calcium in your diet if you're worried. We are at the end of the winter so vitamin D levels may be at their lowest. Get out in the mid-day sun as often as possible but don't burn!

Are you taking Alendronate? Could your pain be side effects?

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Can’t tolerate Alendronate. Just keep going on the Adcal.

It will be interesting to see what next test result is.

I’ve read somewhere on here Nanaedake that Vit D levels have to be quite high for Thyroid folks?

Thinking of taking a bit more D but not calcium.

Thanks for responding 😊


If you supplement added vitamin D3, if Dr doesn't do blood test then get one done yourself at least every 6 months until you find out what amount of supplement you need to keep levels mid-range. It can vary winter to summer and is toxic if you overdose.

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Osteoporosis is supposed to be symptomless but it might cause bone ache. You might find the right exercise eases it. You could get some advice from the Bone Health, Healthunlocked forum.

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