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Can I get Levo in the uk without prescription?


Hi everyone. I'm not sure if it is possible but I would like to try to get an extra 25mcg of Levothyroxine a day to get me up to 100mcg. The GP won't do it even though my numbers could be much better (see my last post) and I really want to see if it will make a difference for me. I still get some symptoms although they have improved.

If it is at all possible to safely get a supply I would be grateful for details via pm. P.s. Private prescription is not an option for me. Thanks.

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Can't you do it officially? i and another forum member have recently bumped up our T4 dose by 25 mcg from c.100 mcg, by going to the doctor having already been taking the higher dose, for say two weeks, from our official dose i.e. cutting/ nibbling 25 mcg off a full tablet. All the doctor has to do is approve a blood test to check TSH ( and T4 if lucky) say another 4 weeks down the line. Mine was still within his 'normal' TSH range, so he couldn't but give me the full 125 mcg dose of levothyroxin afterwards. You can get T4 from abroad akin to buying T3.

I just had a blood test and my tsh was just above my range and T4 T3 were lowish. Gp put ' no action required, 6 months for next test' on my record.

Yes I understood this, I was suggesting you be proactive and do it yourself , as I think Aurelius below agreed. My way you should get a blood test after 6 weeks rather than 6 months!

Sorry I meant it won't work because I can't get blood tests in 6 weeks. I can't have one for another 6 months on my current dose, the GP was quite clear that I have to wait. I don't have any extra pills to cut to try it, I get just enough to last which is why I wanted a supplier to try to raise it and force the issue. But thanks for the reply.

Sent you a pm

Aurealis in reply to AngieAsh

I’ll send you a private message

Get a pill cutter and apologise to GP for mislaying your tablets. 😉

AngieAsh in reply to Aurealis

Haha. If only I could get away with that on a regular basis so I wouldn't have to reduce down again. I would try it but I don't have a good enough poker face to do that regularly.


You cannot buy levothyroxine within the UK without a prescription (at least, not legally). It is a prescription-only medicine (POM).

It is legal to buy it from abroad for the use of your household.

It is unlikely that you will be able to obtain the same makes as in the UK. Even if the brand name is the same, the product might not be identical. This might not be important to you.

You rightly asked for Private Messages if anyone can inform you of reliable sources.

Get some desiccated natural thyroid from the US, remember it has T3, about 6mcg with about 25mcg t4 and so it’s not a straight swap, you’d possibly only need what they refer to as quarter grain which is 2.25 T3 and 9 T4 - overall equivalent to about 20 mcg levo.......

Can you get ndt from the GP? Would like to try that instead of reg thyroxine if not what is the cost of it from US and how do I get it thank you pls Pm me

mistydog in reply to Nicholajane

Only if you have an angel of a GP.

Cheaper to get NDT from Thailand than the US.

Thanks for the reply but I am vegetarian so NDT is not an option for me.

I was on 75 and I didn't like my blood results or symptoms at the time so I just upped it to 100 and didn't tell my gp. It still says 75 on my prescription and that was 6 months ago. Hopefully your gp is as complacent 😉

AngieAsh in reply to Bexta6060

How did you manage to up it please? I get given 75mcg in the form of 50mcg and 25mcg and only get enough for the month.

Bexta6060 in reply to AngieAsh

I just call my pharmacy when I'm out and they fill the script again. Have you tried to get it early? It's so bloody anoying we have to do this just to feel normal. X

AngieAsh in reply to Bexta6060

I usually order online along with my other meds but it won't let me do it early. It says something like 're ordering is not available until xxxdate' and greys out the box that I tick to order them. I seem to remember from when I used to phone in my repeat blood pressure pills that they wouldn't let me order those early once either until I said it was just a one off because I was going on holiday and even then I had to call back after they spoke to the Dr to ok it.

Right FT4 and FT3 low and TSH over range! This forum is NHS Choices for dysfunction of the thyroid gland. Look on the site of Thyroid UK who run this forum and lots of useful info. I'm sure it will say TSH should be in the lower have of the range or that most people feel better with a TSH around one so print out anything that helps your cause and take it with you when you visit your doctors. Start your. Onverstion that you have been reading the advice given by NHS Choices which is saying I should be ....,,,,, you can also print out the long list of symptoms and tick what you are experiencing. If he still refuses to up your dose to get you TSH down then ask if you can trial six weeks on an increase of 25 and be retested and if results show you need more medication be allowed to try this and then continue to test again in another 6 weeks.

If he won't entertain any of itthen try another doctor in the surgery and say I've been told by reading NHS Choices that I should be increasing my meds and go through the plea again. Hope you get some success. Other than that you may have to change to another surgery it that is possible in your area.

This just makes me so thankful for my own doctor, he is wonderful and so clued up on thyroid problems. He let me have 25mcg extra making my dose 100mcg after I discussed my changed blood results with him yesterday. He also lets me have 3 months supply instead of the 2 he is supposed to give because as he says, it is a lifetime thing.

Can you persuade him to move to North Lincs please 😁

He came down here from the North Angie, so that would be going backwards. Lol

I was born in Lincolnshire, well Rutland actually so you could always move South too. I hope it works out for you. x

Not from within the UK, but you can import levo (or NDT or t3) from another country for your own use.

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