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Recommended Daily Supplements?

Please could someone kindly advise me what daily supplements and doses are recommended.

I’m on T3 only and now have that many supplements I just want to reduce down to the essentials so it’s more manageable and correct.

Thank you

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What are you taking and what for?

Did you start any because you tested and had low levels? If so what are your current levels?


Not been tested for a while.

I take


vitamin D3


Cod liver oil


Just started Folic Acid (always low) and looking at getting K2 and Potassium as I remember that being low when it was last tested and taking some iron tablets as my ferritin is always low.

Just trying to ensure I don’t take anything I shouldn’t and start taking ones like K2 as I understand I need this if taking vitamin D3?


Well, you need to know your level of D3 to know if you're taking the right dose, we should retest twice a year when supplementing. And we need K2-mk7 and magnesium when taking D3. You can get combined D3/K2-mk7 supplements so that would be one instead of two.

Again, is your dose of B12 appropriate, if you test when supplementing it gives an indication of if you're taking too much/too little/the right amount.

A good quality B Complex should be taken alongside B12 and that would take care of your Folate. How low is your Folate level, if it's in range you shouldn't need more than the B Complex.

What's the reason for cod liver oil, is it for the D3?

Potassium you should be able to get from food, and iron from liver and other iron rich foods.

CoQ10 isn't a bad idea.


My last vitamin D test I didn’t understand but says:

25 (OH) vitamin D 125.2 nmol/L

My B12 was always very low but just in range so I take methyl 5000 which takes me up to about 625 (180-900 range I think)

I’ll have a look for a good B complex as I know that would help with my fatigue and energy levels.

Cod liver oil I heard was good and helps with brain fog.

I’m on the Keto diet so was advised to take magnesium and potassium. Potassium I’m always low in bloods too.

CoQ10 I think does help me


The Vit D Council recommends a level of 100-150nmol/L so you are right in the middle, a good result. You just need a maintenance dose, and if you make Vit D naturally from the sun in the summer you may not need to supplement then, just from October to April.

Your B12 is doing OK, you could drop down to 1000mcg dose when you next have to buy some, that should then maintain your level.

A good B Complex is Thorne Basic B or Igennus Super B, both contain 400mcg methylfolate which have should raise your Folate level. Leafy greens is supposed to help too.

I don't know anything about the keto diet but I would Google for potassium rich foods and see what you can include on your diet.

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I have a lot of spinach and have juiced spinach and ginger shots to help with iron levels.

Is folic acid ok to take?


Getting iron from spinach is a myth. It certainly contains plenty of iron, but the human gut can't absorb it.


Can I also ask are any supplements dangerous or have a bad affect if you take too much?


Methylfolate is better than folic acid for most people.


Vit D and iron are ones that cause problems in excess, which is why it's important to retest when supplementing.

Some people don't get on well with selenium.

You'd have to research any others.


I tried selenium and it made me feel quite ill so stopped but was just a Holland and Barrett one. I learnt quickly and now source the best off amazon.

I’m eating lots of spinach atm so not taking iron but will also stop my Vit D as I have a high dose. I don’t always take it but have been trying to recently so I’ll have a break now weather is picking up and see how I feel.

When I’m at the doctors next I’ll ask for it all to be checked.

Thank you for your help x


Oh thank you I’ll take a look x


Hi Helen just had a look and it seems to be based on the Paleo diet is that correct?

I found the paleo diet hard to stick to so have gone into the Keto diet which I find a lot easier although still hard but it’s definitely a lifestyle change.


Thanks but I’ve found many ppl do really well on Keto with autoimmune diseases.

I’m gluten and grain free and only eat good fats, protein vegetables etc. It’s a low carb diet which the carbs you do eat are from vegetables berries etc. It’s a very clean healthy diet but high in good fats which is used for energy not protein.

Keto is similar to paleo however dairy is acceptable whereas paleo is dairy free.

I think sometimes you just need to find what works for you. But definitely gluten and grain free will heal the stomach and therefore calm the immune system.

I’ll definitely get the book as I’m always interested in different opinions. I’m probably doing a mix between paleo and gluten. But I think both gave excellent benefits


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