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Hello again everyone. Firstly thank you so much for all your help so far, it’s been invaluable. I have a doctors appointment on Monday and I’m armed with lots of info from you lovely people plus my MediChecks results.

I am going to request ferritin, folate, b12, vit D and coeliac tests whilst there. I’m positive for the two antibodies associated with Hashi’s and I know I’ll be deficient in many of these nutrients, particularly since I’ve been vegetarian for over a decade.

My question is what supplements would you recommend for ferritin, b12 and vit D?

Thank you again 😘

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It depends on your results. Come back when you have them, include the reference ranges and for Vit D say if the unit of measurement is nmol/L or ng/ml, and suggestions can then be made for doses and good brands.

Thank you, I will do. 😊 x

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