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T3/prediserone insomnia


I apologise for posting so many questions!!


Has anyone experienced insomnia with starting t3 or taking a low dose steroid? I am only on 1mg just to help things at the moment but I’m wondering if this seemingly long bout of insomnia is due to me taking either of these? I do get bouts of insomnia that usually settle. Just wondering. Both are taken on waking. Does it settle down?

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I would think it better to start only one new thing at a time so you know what is causing the issue. I started T3 and slept like a baby. Have never taken a steroid .... Maybe taper the steroid and see if T3 does the trick 😊

Steroids keep me awake for days. I once had an injection in my shoulder joint and I was awake for three days. I felt like I could re- roof the house in the middle of the night. This medicine was not to leave the joint. Unless my life depends on it, I won’t take steroids. I also take t3. On the proper dose, I sleep like a baby. On too low a dose, I have insomnia. It really is a “Goldilocks drug.” Good luck.


Many of us find T3 improves sleep

What are your vitamin D and B vitamin levels like? Do you supplement?

Low B and D vitamins can affect sleep


Also vitamins need to be at good levels for both T4 and T3

Are you on strictly gluten free diet

Dee8686 in reply to SlowDragon

Vitamins are good thank you. They are getting towards optimum!Have been supplementing and am gluten free. Would I still be feeling rough if not yet optimily dosed on t3? Sounds like a silly question but I’ve read so many peoples posts who feel

Instantly better taking it... and I don’t yet. Only been on just over a week though and tsh above 10 when I started.

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