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Pain level after a thyroidectomy how sore were you?


Hi long story thyroidectomy in 2007, vocal chord and nerve damage after op to fix vocal chord 2008.

Thyroid grew back and had it removed again 4 wks ago. My pain is still very sore like spiky hot needles. And i can barely carry 2 cups of tea or a dinner plate. Just wondering how your pain was after surgery. I need to get back to work but theres no way at the min. Im a waitress. Thanks Sx

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I am sorry MrsBargirl that you are suffering too much even after your original surgery ten years ago. I feel it is awful that your vocal cords were also damaged.

I hope they've given you given sufficient medication for the pain and don't take it near your thyroid hormones (levo I assume).

If it is levo alone they've prescribe I would ask for some T3 to be added (on compassionate grounds) as combination T4/T3 should be given (my viewpoint). I have my thyroid gland and was more ill on levo than before being finally diagnosed.

Research has shown that T3/T4 combination suit people better than T4 only.

I wish you a speedy recovery.

MrsBargirl in reply to shaws

Thanks for your reply. Im currently on 75mcg levo. 15/500 &30/500mg co codamol and 150mg slow realease tramadol. But the spiky pains are still there. I see consultant in 5 wks and he is doing blood work. Sx

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