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Please could someone advise on latest results and the cortisol?


Please can someone advise on my latest results. I reduced down to 2.75 grains. The tests from Feb 2018 are below. Both were taken at the same time of day, under fasting conditions and my last dosage of 1.5 grains was taken 12hrs before the test.

February 2018 on 3 grains:-

TSH 0.232 (0.27-4.2)

free T3 8.70 (3.1-6.80)

free T4 6 (12-22)

As far as symptoms are concerned I am relatively symptom free. I see my cortisol is raised and can tell you without doing further saliva tests they would be high all day : I am “wired” all day, every day right now.

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What time of day was your cortisol taken, as cortisol levels vary throughout the day? If it was taken around 9am then the result is high. Cortisol levels around 9am should be about 400-500nmol/ls. Do you have any other symptoms of high cortisol such as excessive weight gain around your stomach, round, flushed face, insomnia, high blood pressure, thin skin, easy bruising, increased hair in places you wouldn't expect it? If you have any of these then you may need investigating for Cushing's disease or syndrome.

Helena877 in reply to PaulineS

It was taken at 10am.

I only have excess weight around the middle, but nothing like the extreme examples shown online. Bruising - yep I’ve had that for years before my cortisol was raised.

Cushings looks and sounds absolutely horrific. I will send my GP a copy of the blood results and book an appointment to discuss further testing.

Thank you.

PaulineS in reply to Helena877

So that result is still quite high for that time of day, do be aware that the thyroid is affected if there is a pituitary problem which may be if you have high cortisol. The TSH reading is not relevant if it is but rather T3 & T4. Good luck!

Helena877 in reply to PaulineS

Thank you Pauline!

My TSH has not made sense on some recent blood tests.

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