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My daughter had routine blood done for pregnancy and her TSH was 2.7 (.25 -5.0). This was done early morning and fasting

Her gynacologist said it was too high and sent her to check TSH, T4 and T3. No need to say this was not on the UK, but Algeria.

She feels tired suffer Constipation, mood swings and hair loss.

The Dr told her the levels were fine I feel she should trial some levothyroxine.

She took her bloods at 11am after eating despite my telling her early morning and fasting.

Because I have Hashimotos myself around her age and with pregnancy I feel this is what' happening. The Dr wouldn't give her a test for antibodies saying it made no difference.

Is a trial of 50 mcg worth a go? She' 16 weeks pregnant.

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Most definitely it is. Her FT4 is very low.

Thank you

You're welcome. :)

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