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Are scans worthwhile, and which type to ask for?


Hi, please could I ask for advise on the types of thyroid scans people have had?

I have Hashi and both antibodies are high, I've never seen an Endo just had annual GP blood tests, but I've now taken control of my own health, private blood tests, gene test, trialling T3 and gluten free, supplements etc much from great tips here (after years of being up and down like a yoyo)

I'm thinking of requesting a scan via my GP to assess any destruction the antibodies have already done to my thyroid, basically so I know where I am and how much recovery may be possible. But I've seen various scans mentioned, usually for hyperthyroid sufferers looking for nodules, and I'm suspecting scans are only oferred on NHS if lumps are felt, is that correct? I don't know what to ask for and whether a GP can request one or I have to see an Endo first?

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Your GP ought to be able to order an ultrasound, if he's of a mind, just to assess the general condition of your thyroid.

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