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Cortisol Saliva test results


Hi all,

Could anyone advise me please on my results I've had from my Cortisol Saliva x 4 test?

I don't understand much about these tests so would appreciate any input.

I'm always tired and stress levels are constantly high.

Many thanks

Carol x

Waking - 21 (6 - 21)

12.00 - 7.82 (1.5 - 7.6) H

16.00 - 3.95 (0 - 5.5)

Before bed - 1.84 (0 - 2.0)

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Shame we can't see a graphic showing if you follow the natural curve, but it seems as though you probably do albeit a little high, particularly Sample 2, but your bedtime one should be a lot lower.

Optimal results should be Example 1 here

which is reiterated on the STTM site here

8 am: at the tip top part of the range (so if top of range is 9.5, people are right there, maybe even 9.4)

11 am-noon: in the upper quarter (though not at the very top of provided range)

4-5 pm: right “around” mid-range

11 pm to midnight: at the very bottom (Literally. So if range is 1-4, people are at 1, not even 2)

No DHEA test? Presumably you did a Medichecks or Blue Horizon one then rather than Regenerus or Genova Diagnostics who include DHEA, important when testing adrenals.

Dr Myhill's interpretation of test including DHEA

Thank you Susie, it's a bit clearer to me now......I also have a raised rT3 and until last year, have had untreated hypothyroidism for over ten years. I'm awaiting my test results for thyroid check ultra second test after one year, so will post them for further advice when I get them. Many thanks

Carol x

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to Caggie61


You can see a graphic here to understand the natural curve. The green band is the best place to be, with the red band confirming problems. You can see by the example shown that the first 3 samples are good, but the bedtime one is out of range, far too high.

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