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Cortisol high in the morning

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Here are my cortisol saliva results from medichecks

On waking 22.6 (6-21)

12pm 6.6 (1.7-7.6)

4pm 1.5 (0.0-5.49)

Before bed <1.5 (0.0-1.99

Slightly high in the morning but wonder if I need to do anything or if results don't warrant any supplements/adaptogens?

I take 100mcg Levothyroxine for underactive thyroid.

Suffer with weight issues, and anxiety, bouts of insomnia.

Any advice gratefully recieved


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Your result is only just outside the normal range, I would be more worried if you had an elevated cortisol in the evening as that could point to Cushing's disease/syndrome. Just keep an eye on it.

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Have you recently changed back to Levothyroxine. Your previous post says you were on NDT

Have you had full Thyroid tests recently? Plus very good idea to check Vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 too

Hi SlowDragon, thanks for reply, yes I was on Naturethroid but there was a shortage and I couldn't get any for months so I was forced back onto levothyroxine. To be honest though I never felt hugely better on the ndt to justify the cost. My latest thyroid results were not too bad. Not quite as good as when on ndt but not far off optimal. I've just had my iron done and awaiting results.

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