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Help with restarting medication


Hi All

Its been a while since I posted, I am now ready to restart my medication.

I have a coupe of questions, although I found levothyroxine effective at the very beginning 8 years ago, it seemed to get to a point and felt like it wasnt working.

I was given a prescription for NDT, have lost it amongst the foggy days, am now wondering if I should go back on the Levo.

Its been a long 8 months, I now have the most debilitating symptoms of severe breathlessness, severe fatigue, severe brain fog,body pain, immense tinitus, insomina and hardly being able to walk. I have been here before, found levo effective quite quickly, do you fellow suffers think I should stick with levo?

I stopped taking anything because I was experiencing severe onset confusion from time to time, but now this is every day as Im becoming more hypo.

I have positive montichondria antibodies with negative ant PDH antibodies - does this rule out liver problems can anyone advise?

I'm just about to start loading doses of Vit D along with iron supplements, should I start taking adrenal support or is there anything else I can do to help myself?

I don't eat grains/gluten, practically 'cave man' diet.

I cant wait to feel better, onwards and upwards!

Thank you

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Hello - I'm sorry you haven't had a reply.

It is not recommended to stop your medication, it is thyroid hormone replacement.

Thyroid hormone needs iron/ferritin, B12/folate & vitamin D - if your levels are low it will not work. Please ask you GP for these tests as well as thyroid tests, especially B12 or if he won't do them you can get private tests.

previous post & advice here....

Hi Savery, After reading your post I thought of BadHare's post 19 days ago: "How Changes in Season & Temperature Affect Thyroid Function" by Mary Shomon. You mentioned in a post 5 months ago "the weather has dropped." How big a factor do you think winter has played?

Vitamin D was mentioned too in a earlier reply in relation to your pain. Winter of course could not have helped with that situation either. I hope you get well soon.

savery8753 in reply to Clarrisa

Hi Clarrisa

Thank you for your response, means alot.

Right now, I'm completely detoxed from any medication what so ever, every day is like hell!

I wanted the nhs to see me at my worse which makes no difference, they are not listening.

So, now have a private gp, a private endo and spent the past 6 months reading up on this invisible monster. I kept crashing, with days of not being able to get out of bed, hard when your a single parent with 3 kids. the onset massive confusion, to the point that I cant speak properly as cant find my words.

I am just about to start suggested chronic fatigue supplements from Dr Myhill plus 4000,00 Vid, Adrenal, B12 injections, iron supplements, folic acid and NP Thyroid.

Lots of rest as walking to the shop completely wipes me out for the rest of the day.

Thank you again

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