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Has anyone out there taken l -tyrosine as well as levothyroxine for hypothyroid? Have been trying to find out if it helps but haven't found anything. Is it only for someone with normal thyroid function? Thank you for any and all help.

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What exactly do you expect it to do? L-Tyrosine is necessary for making thyroid hormone. But, if your thyroid is incapable of making hormone, it won't matter how much L-Tyrosine you have in your system, you will still be hypo.

Hi Greygoose,

Thank you. Clutching at straws really.

Yeah, I know. We all do it. :)

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The perfect phrase because that's what I.m doing right now.

Windwalker in reply to greygoose

L-Tyrosene Is an amino acid and at one time a doctor advised me to take it as a suppliment. I did and as an aside the third time I had a cancerous Tumor said'',

all your cancers have been Tyrosene driven. He threw his pencil in the air and asked me who in the hell told me to do that. I told him a homeopathic med man did. I said go home and throw all of it away and never take another dose. I have had a re occurance of one of the cancers, but am now 82 and have not had cancer in 5 years. Be very careful what you take as a suppliment. It may just kill you.

greygoose in reply to Windwalker

I'm not sure how true that is. Just because a doctor said it, doesn't make it so. I'd want proof that tyrosine caused cancer.

If you want to take something that really helps your thyroid to work better then get Vit D, B12, folate and ferritin tested as if we can get them optimal, not just in range then they help the Thyroid to work better, can help if not converting well though that takes time and can get rid of or lessen some of your symptoms. So very helpful in the overall scale of things.

Hi Silverfox7,

Thank you. Will look into the supplements. Already on vit d prescribed by Dr. not sure it does anything but I will persevere.

I have done a lot of internet research on tyrosine on the net,including using the search box on this forum.i would not take this supplement.

Tillysnanna in reply to Naomi8

Hi Naomi8

Thank you for your reply. It gets to the stage where one hopes for a miracle cure!

Hi Greygoose, Silverfox7 and Naomi8

Thank you all so much for your very useful help. Do you all find it as confusing as I do? Dr's are of no help. Why do the treat us all as numbers to be ticked off instead of individuals! Sorry about the rant. Again thanks for your help.

Hi :) A functional med practitioner instructed me to take L-Tyrosine. He prescribed 3000 mg (6 capsules) daily. It made me feel worse. Then I found an article and several videos (links below) which explain why it's a TERRIBLE supplement to take if you have thyroid problems because it can suppress thyroid function!



Tillysnanna in reply to Venus77

Hi Venus77,

Thank you so much for your reply. Really helpful . It's so wonderful to be able to get this kind of help.

Venus77 in reply to Tillysnanna

So glad to have been of help! :)

A lot of success started off with trial and error. I think the best you can do as we are all different is to try and listen what your body is trying to tell you. I didn't have confidence in supplements even though I've taken some for many many years. I have sometimes felt I could kill for prawns to such an extent when feeling poorly I still made the effort to go to the supermarket for a prawn curry and then the real breakthrough that I think I've shared in the last few days, I was yearning for chocolate then realised I can go from not bothering about it and other times needed to eat a. Chocolate Bar then I googled what does this mean-short of Magnesium! Having spent all my working life in a lab I managed to think differently about chemicals as I'd never associated them as being represented by food groups! Probably my light bulb moment!!! I have loads of food intolerances so it now makes sense I have to replace things I'm not getting in my diet. Ok I must rattle a lot but I've gradually got to the stage where generally I'm pretty good so stick with learning, listening to experiences of others and see if it works for you. Then I found this forum and the literature on the Thyroid Uk site who run this forum and that has helped a lot as not only do we read what we should be doing but probably more importantly what we shouldn't be doing. I looked and listened a long while till I felt comfortable asking questions and then I went onto reading the questions and thing what I would think abscthen see whether I was thinking along the right lines. So keep questioning, looking and learning and work out what feels best for you and works for you but realise as well there isn't often an instant fix and patience is needed.

Hi Silverfox,

Thank you so much for your encouragement. I think where I go wrong is expecting anything to work instantly! Patience is in short supply by now. It's just wonderful to have others who understand.

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Me too. I do understand I must have patience but I want it NOW! LOL-but not really.

Tillysnanna in reply to Hidden

Hi Irina1975,

Thank you for your reply. Yes I know exactly what you mean !

Sometimes even now isn't good enough but we wanted it yesterday! But we need to accept it's a slow process to progress! Difficult I know as need to change a mind set. Found it difficult when I'd spent several months trying something that then didn't work for me and I used yo getvangery about the time I had wasted for bothering but I started to look at my failures again and tell myself that I hadn't failed as such but had crossed one solution off my things to try list so I could now move on. I found as I understood more I could spot a few suggestions to try but then sat down and wrote out the pros and cons of each one to try and find one that seemed to make more sense and doable. Having a goal in sight does make it easier. My greatest hobby is doing my family tree and so I was using an idea I had used successfully with that. That can be very baffling so where to start so I write down the various scenarios and then pick one to either prove or disprove. That's got to make more sense in keeping you focussed than going in with no ideas whatsoever plus you are learning about searching along the way. So why not take a similar approach with a health programme-select your aim and try to make it happen or prove that it never will. Make more use of the search button to see what others have been doing and make a note of the successful ones and then take it from there. Gaining more knowledge is never a waste of time, it can all help in tackling what you need to put right. Run ideas passed others as a chance comment may solve your problem. It's not as daunting as it seems and your confidence will grow as you go along.

Hi Silverfox7,

I get very confused by it all i must admit. I like your logical approach. I know there must be an answer out there that isn't strong painkillers or antidepressants! Thanks to all the lovely people here I've learned quite a bit more than I knew a couple of days ago .

I tried tyrosine supplements briefly (clutching at straws, as you say). It gave me a diabolical headache and absolutely no benefits at all.

Thank you Humanbean. Everyone has been so helpful. I think that the l-tyrosine is no a good idea!

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