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Does THYROID-S come in different strengths?


So finally seems like it´s imposible to import any NDT to Spain anymore, EXCEPT thai ones.

So I will give a go to THYROID-S. I already found online a place to buy it but it seems not have a variety of stregths as the other NDTs (1/4 grain, 1/2 grain, 3/4, 1, 1.5, 2).

Do they make just 1 grain pills???

Thanks for your help.

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No they only make it in 1 grain size

Its been out of stock too

But i think my supplier has now got some

Pm me gor info


I use Thai Thiroyd, which also only comes in 1 grain pills. I find they are not too difficult to cut in half or even into quarters if you have a good pill cutter.


I found this pill-cutter and it is easy to split tablet and I'll give yo a link (I have had several before but this is the best for me). If you want to buy it you have to buy something else as it is an 'add on' in Amazon. Further down the page there's one at £3.40 with no add-on I believe.



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