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TSH Level

If your TSH level is slightly low, does this mean you are slightly over medicated? I am on 100 Levothyroxine.

TSH Level - 0.040 mu/L normal 0.27-4.2 mu/L

Free T4 Level - 17.900 pmol/L normal 10.08 - 25.5


I am constantly feeling rubbish for one reason or another the above levels are my last ones around a year ago but have some waiting to come back.

Many thanks for your advice and help.

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It can do but your TSH is too low for your fT4 which is half way in its reference interval. This suggests your pituitary is underperforming a litle. If you get similar levels with your new blood test I would ask for an increase in your levothyroxine and see it that helps.


Great many thanks, just when I think I understand what the results are doing - I realise I really don’t. 😊


No. Not unless your free T3 AND free t4 are over range. Some people need free T4 over range in order to convert enough to T3.


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