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Allergic to NDT and NDA - help!


Hi everyone, happy Wednesday. My clinician prescribed NDA and NDT but I am allergic to beef and pork so became ill. Can anyone pm me if they know of any alternatives. I have seen many Adrenal supplements advertised but have no idea which ones are strong enough to work. Really struggling as adrenals too low to take T3, DHEA is 0.03 and morning cortisol is very low. Many thanks

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So why don't you ask if he can prescribe hydrocortisone, DHEA and combined T4/T3? There is T3 in NDT, so you are already taking it, and my adrenals improved on T3 only.

Hi Angel of the North. My clinician is Dr Peatfield who does not prescribe. I have asked him about DHEA etc and am awaiting a response. It is helpful to know that your adrenals improved on T3 only. Many thanks.

In the UK, DHEA is a controlled drug and needs a prescription. You technically can't even import it for your own use (but you'll find that there are plenty of places to buy it online) and customs don't seem to care. If you post a request, I'm sure people will tell you where you can buy T4 and T3 also (and possibly hydrocortisone, but you really need to have a diagnosis of adrenal problems for that as the wrong dose can seriously mess things up.

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