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Can't lose weight

Hi I'm desperate no matter how hard I try my weight don't budge, does anyone have any idea what I can do? These are my latest blood tests:. Vitamine D 35 . Calcio 9.0. Fosfatasi Alcalina 84u/l. Creatinine 0.81mg/do. TSH 0.61. FT3 1.85. FT4 1.40 my endo said is all ok and that I need to move more (I do an hour of walking each day) I have put on 10 kg I weigh 76 kg now used to weigh 66kg nearly two years ago before having my thyroid removed . 👋

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As there is no information in your profile, can you please say what your diagnosis is and if you are on thyroid meds.

Reference ranges are needed to interpret test results as they vary from lab to lab. Can you please add the ranges to your post.

Also, what is the unit of measurement for Vit D - NMOL/L OR NG/ML?

Also, what is Fosfatasi Alcalina, you're obviously not in the UK and I personally have no ideas what that is.


Vitamin d 35 ngr/ml I had thyroid removed because of a very large goiter . Ops sent a new post sorry I couldn't find how to send blood results here.


In my experience, unless you are optimally medicated you won’t lose weight. This was true for me.


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