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Cost of Teva T3 in UK please?


Can anyone tell me the cost of Teva brand T3 in UK? I need prices for each UK supplier, for a meeting with my CCG.

I have read that is costs £921.43 for 100 x 20mcg Morningside tablets

and £922.14 for 100 x 20mcg Concordia tablets.

Hope someone can help! Thank you.

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I do not know all the ins and outs of how BNF get these figures, but they do have this page of the British National Formulary Drug Tariff Prices:

Hint: All three are £258.20 for 28 tablets.

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to helvella

Snap :)

Clare0116 in reply to helvella

WOW £ ! No wonder UK Drs refuse to recognise some patients need T3 or deny that it even exists. I don't want to be an NHS burden in the scandalously overcharged cost of my drugs but couldn't the NHS consider the idea of patients purchasing their own T3 at about £25 per month (if they want to), under NHS Dr guidance? I've bought myself a 1 month trial and already seeing improvement in my symptoms.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Clare0116

I really do not know the ethics and standards of NHS doctors doing that.

We have seen quite a number of T3 takers who are supervised by NHS doctors but get their own T3. Trouble is, the principle is that a patient who needs something should get it. So supervising privately-purchased T3 is a bit iffy.

Also, NHS doctors are not usually supposed to write private prescriptions for medicines that are available on the NHS - even if that availability seems to be theoretical rather than real.

You can see that if it happens with T3, why, next we could see it happening to T4. (Most obviously, if a special form of T4 such as Tirosint gel caps became available here but not prescribable under NHS care.) What would be the border between NHS supply and patients buying their own?

The bottom line for the individual might be obvious - I want T3. For the NHS - less clear.


BNF prices for all T3

helvellaAdministrator in reply to SeasideSusie

Snap :)

Haha thank you! Great minds think alike, and all that! I thought Morningside had made their cost about 50 pence less than Concordia, and I guessed Teva was a few pence different too. Odd they're all the same! Apart from the fact that all 3 companies are coining it in..?

helvellaAdministrator in reply to TaraJR

It comes across appearing rather as a "concert party" - terms like "collusion", "oligopoly", "price fixing", "cartel" are hard to avoid.

Tariff this month is £248.33 .

Be careful about the 'price fixing' jibe. We must be aware that the volumes of this product are incredibly low, and the 'old' price was as a result of the in my mind ... corrupt system of PPRS that is controlled by the government.

We must be aware that the we have a lot of artificially low medicine prices here on high volume products, so those that are small volume have to have a higher price to balance the market.

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4 Euros for 30 T3 my partner paid in Paris last October. No way can those extortionate prices be justified. Of course now many patients aren't being prescribed T3 on cost alone, I wonder where they're shifting their stock to if the NHS won't purchase from them? A year ago my Turkish T3 was £11 for 100x25 mcg tabs. Greek of course more expensive but nothing like what we pay in rip off UK. What is the government doing? Why should the people who make these drugs make so much profit that they are millionaires??

Jackiez in reply to Hidden

My Greek friend bought me 3x30 Uni-pharma T3 tablets for 4€!

Hidden in reply to Jackiez

That's a good friend to have!!

I've had an order in for Greek T3 since last May, long story! Does your friend know of any supply issues?

Jackiez in reply to Hidden

I know! She did say last time that the pharmacist said they would soon be prescription only😳 I'll find out if that's the case now when she goes to get me some more!

Treepie in reply to Scrummy9

The volumes will be low in Europe as well but theprices are low as well.

Hidden in reply to Treepie

Have you seen all the weightlifting/body building sites that have T3? It's not just thyroid patients that use it.

Treepie in reply to Hidden

No , long time since Charles Atlas did it just with dynamic tension, but it is the misuse of medicines that often leads to problems of supply.

Hidden in reply to Treepie

Yes I agree with you. More than annoying seeing all these sites with Greek T3 yet I've been waiting almost a year for the second half of my order. Why take your money if they can't fill the order? I know this has been discussed at length before, but a lot of us have been stung!

Helena877 in reply to Hidden


Yes - a lot of body builders use T3.

The going rate is approx £20 for Tiromel 30 x 25mcg

Hidden in reply to Helena877

I'd love to know how they get hold of T3! Maddening when your favourite T3 is in short supply.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Scrummy9

Ridiculous argument about volumes if, as it inevitably does, it affects treatment.

Not that I don't understand that the powers that be might use that argument! :-)

The reduction ad absurdum is that if a company changes the price of one product, they might then have to change the price of another product to rebalance their total income. If a company stops or starts supplying a product their whole portfolio might need to be re-priced.

th2304 in reply to Scrummy9

I also heard from somewhere that NHS is being over charged for T3 compared to other countries.

Gazebo in reply to th2304

I saw something to that effect on the TV a while back. They were being charged something like 600 or 6000 times the normal price and there was something about them being held over a barrel by their supplier and not being able to go elsewhere. There was supposed to be a huge investigation being mounted into it but haven't seen or heard anything further than that.

th2304 in reply to Gazebo

Probably where I saw/heard it.

Patt3 in reply to Gazebo

Here in Belfast it costs c £300 for 100 5mcg. In the South of Ireland I get it for €67 euro.

Really interested to know this too, thank you for asking!

I think I will be needing those figures for my own case 😔

I have just taken a photo on my i phone of my French T3 packet the cost today is 3.67 euros which is approx £ 3.25 per 30 tablets. The name is Cynomel. I have a photo of the receipt as well if it helps you? As I am pretty useless with technology I can't shown them on here.

Hi Bunnyjean,

Please do you have the website you buy them from?

Sorry I don't buy them from a website I live in France. I was only trying to add prices from France compared to the UK NHS prices which are way too much.

These are made over here as well.

Why can't the UK NHS supply these T3 cheaper? That is the question because many people are suffering needlessly.

Can't answer your question but I've read somewhere that there is very little difference in the price of Teva and Morningside and I thought the idea of having more manufacturers meant the price would go down but that isn't enough to make any difference is it.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Summer64

Possibly the first response on this thread?

I have established a supplier chemist in Munich and have just received 200 Thybon Henning 20 mcg tablets for €60. This is after my hubby flew there to fill first script of 100 and discussed future supply.

As Tarajr has quoted a price for 100 tablets others have given a price for 28 tablets. They work out at the same price off £922.14.

Shall we all move to France??


Did anyone see this article?

As far as I am aware the prices are constantly changing, I asked my pharmacy the other day and £921.43 for a 100 20mcg tabs is about right

I know my T3 costs NHS £256 for 28 on NHS prescription.

I just bought 200 for 10 Turkish lira per 100. 20 tl works out at £3.55. It’s ridiculous they get away with the charges here.


I buy Thybon Henning on a free private script from my GP. I buy it and b Germany. It was as 30.15 euros for 100 and 9 euros postage. That's less than 4p a tablet compared with over £9 per tablet for NHS T3! He said it was a free script because I was saving the NHS money. I really don't want to do this but I just feel really bad that the NHS is being ripped off! Plus I have evidence if the CCG decide to try to stop it even though an endo prescribed it.

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