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Debate in House of Lords!

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I had a meeting with Lord Philip Hunt, Opposition Spokesperson on Health and Social Care, Higher Education and Cabinet Office, last week about the fact that some CCGs are not following NHS England guidance. He has just tweeted:

Delighted to be getting a debate after Easter recess on the problems NHS patients are having in getting access to the drug Liothyronine for the treatment of hypothyroidism. @LabourLordsUK @UKHouseofLords

Pleased to tell you that we have been working with other support groups on a document that will be used in the campaign for better treatment entitled - Improving T3 Prescription in the UK – a Joint Campaign on behalf of Thyroid Patients by ITT (Improve Thyroid Treatment Campaign Group), Thyroid UK, Midlands Thyroid Support Group and Thyroid Patient Advocacy.

ITT (Improve Thyroid Treatment) had a meeting with Vince Cable, Party Leader of the Liberal Democrats, last week to discuss the same and hopefully a debate is forthcoming in the House of Commons too.

We are now trying to get Lords and MPs to back these debates so if you have found a Lord or MP who has been sympathetic to your T3 plight, please let us know (if you haven't already via the Poll on this forum).

We will keep you informed of progress. :-)

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Thanks for your hard work and helping to make a difference lynmynott.

That's great news Lyn. Thank you posting. I'll be waiting with baited breath & truly hope & pray that it goes 'our' way!

I've contacted my MP to inform him of the problem and ways of solving it

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What excellent news! It's so good to hear that everyone is pulling together on this.

Brilliant news Lyn.

Fantastic Lyn thanks for all your hard work.

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Helga from ITT has worked really hard on this too. :-)

Great news Lyn, many thanks for all your hard work.

Thanks for your efforts Lyn. You're a star.

So perhaps time to get writing to your MP about the standard of thyroid care and why many of us never get a trial of T3 in the NHS. Charities and patient groups can only do so much on our behalf so if everyone struggling speaks up we would have a bigger impact.

You are a star lynmynott

Thank you doesn't cover it!

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lynmynottPartner in reply to DippyDame

Thanks DippyDame. Can't take all the credit though. We all need to pull together to get somewhere. Wish there were more hours in the day! :-)

Thank you Lyn, v much appreciated

Good to hear that things are happening thanks to the hard work of Lyn, ITT, TPA and midlands support group. Let's hope T3 prescribing is equally available to all who need it and NOT a post code lottery. Does anyone have a list of sympathetic MPs? Anyone know if Alec Shelbrooke is sympathetic?

Great news Lyn! You've been doing so much more than we know behind the scenes. The ITT have been working tirelessly too, and things are moving on apace there too.

I'm in Norfolk; our ITT offshoot group has been working very hard 'with' our CCGs (with fantastic support from Healthwatch Norfolk) Most of the Norfolk MPs are supposed to be working together as a group to help us with the CCGs situation.

We all have to work at this as best as we can.

Thank you Lyn! House of Lords, eh?!! :-)

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lynmynottPartner in reply to TaraJR

Hi TaraJR

Thanks! Let's hope that Lord Hunt and Vince Cable can get something changed. It's been good working with Helga and hope to continue working with her.

It would be great if we could get people to group together in their local area and meet with their CCG and Healthwatch - not quite sure how we can organise that though.

Yes, House of Lords! It was great going there and Lord Hunt showed me round after our discussion! It's so beautiful in there. I loved it!

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TaraJR in reply to lynmynott

Lyn, since September we've been working as a local group for patients in Norfolk - Thyroid Support Group Norfolk (Facebook). It can be like wading through treacle, but we have definitely moved ahead. We also have tremendous support from Healthwatch Norfolk. Local groups are probably the way to go. We have a lot to do locally for a few weeks, but hope to be able to help with ideas for setting up local groups after that.

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lynmynottPartner in reply to TaraJR

That would be brilliant! :-) x

Well done ! was very supportive when I was told T3 was no longer available. I have posted this on the ITT poll.

Sorry it was about 2 yrs ago when I took it. I just remember always feeling wired when doctor said I was on a healthy level. I don't document when meds. Don't remember what dose that was

Thank you so much Lyn for the amazing work that you do. I sincerely hope , after House of Lords debate today, that thyroidies requiring/currently prescribed T3 can have it. NDT should also be an option.

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