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i have retreated to the sancutary of tuk

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i generally wear a thin beanie if i have to go out and i live in a small town where i am a familar face and i dont want people seeing me with hardly any hair, so if anyone else ( friends) who have thick hair tell me that i shouldnt be so bothered about going out in public wth hardly any hair i think i shall scream.. they sit with a head of crowning glory and dont understand how i cringe.. or how embarrasing it is.. walk a mile in my shoes, aperson who has lost or losing their hair and see what it is like....

i will edit this.

i have 4 wigs at home too big, too dense, too thick, i have been down this wigroad before, i dont like them and they dont like me. i have a small stupid head and find it hard to get a good fit.

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I remember after having my second son , my hair coming away in my hands. I was horrified & my confidence plummeted. It was then that I realised for myself, for the first time, a woman's hair is most definitely her crowning glory.

Like you, people would say (well meaningly) not to worry. The point is, it's happening to you, you can't escape it as you are reminded on a daily basis when looking in the mirror. I'm very fortunate not to have lost most of it and have found that my vitamin & mineral regime has helped. My confidence has returned.

My sisters hair has returned. She has been using rosemary oil mixed with castor oil & gives her scalp a good massage & it's working because her head is itching like crazy. Apparently the hair follicles are becoming stimulated & she's noticing new hair. I'm giving it a go myself. I hope this helps.

Give it a whirl & see what happens 🙂 All the best to you.

yes i will do that thanks

hi orangerose see my edit.

Have you thought about a bespoke wig, made to fit you using human hair and styled how you want it.

yes bantam but even then wigs don tstay onmy head i have a shapeless small head and no grip

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BP2 - have you googled for

Petite size wigs

Wigs for small heads

Children's wigs

Made to measure wigs

Just a thought, sorry if you have already done this.

yes thanks seaside susie there is not one wig company unturned not one wigmaker not found not one size overlooked.custom made, off the self, in the shop,tecso bogoff, i have googled it all... my next stopwill be hair shaved and custom freedom wig with a suction but i can only do this when i am ready in my head, at thi s moment i have seen a tricholoigst who pulled some hair out and put under micrscope and said myhair is starved of nutrition and caused by

excessive neuro stress, ithink lack of estrogen and dht and male hormone sensivity, stress, lyme as well, i am on a cource of treatment so i will s ee what happens,my mainpoint of the post tho was to let off steam with people who understand about the casualness of those with a lot of f**k pig hair and the casual way of saying 'oh dont worryabout it-- as if they wouldnt!

dont be sorry we ar ehere to help andthankyou..

Good luck with the treatment bluepettals ✨🍀✨I know how you feel ~ I was wondering what scarves I have for the summer that will actually stay on my head. It makes you feel so self conscious when they slip off and your bald patches are revealed.😔.

I wish I suited the really short Annie Lennox/Judi Dench style ~ they look so glam, but I look like I've just left a concentration camp! I will still have to do it though, as there's no hope for my straggly rats tails now🐀

A friend bought a lovely wig recently exactly like her own hair and it stayed on her head. Trouble is, it was £2,500 and way out of my price range! And as you say, you have to get rid of the lot! I do agree about people with lush locks telling you not to worry about it ~ they say it in a kind way, but they would be mortified if it happened to them!

My hairs been thinning for years, but only recently have the big patches appeared.😢 I hope you find some answers ~ let us know how you get on.🍀 xx

I really feel for you Pettals. I’ve got a decent head of hair even though I know it is very thin compared to what it used to be.

When I was on block and replaced my hair fell out in handfuls. Every time I touched it or brushed it. I got to the stage that I collected my hair from the plug hole after I washed itand keep it in little bank moneybags.

I used to photograph the fallout in the bath after I’d washed it too. The idea being that the next time anyone - practice nurse to mention one person - told me what lovely thick hairs had I would show them the photos and then stuff the little bags full of hair up their nose!

Hair loss is very upsetting and I don’t think anyone who hasn’t suffered from it can even begin to imagine what it feels like. So you have all my sympathy.

I can’t suggest anything other than a selection of beanie hats, summer hats and those stretchy headscarfs you see people wearing. I’d say my head is a weird shape but hats look ok on and I love them.

That sounds just like me! The plug hole and the photos. We all know our own hair and can tell when it's thinning whatever anyone says!

Really hope the treatment works well. Sending you positive vibes and a virtual hug xx

thanks eveyone fo rreplying

My hair has thinned significantly after starting methotrexate. For 3 months it has been falling out everywhere. I am 44 and have longer hair. I decided to cease with the meds, although it is still falling out by the handful. I fully understood how upsetting this is. I just tie it up. It breaks really easy now, and just looks a real mess.

I sympathise with you, BP2. Before I started seeing Dr Peatfield in 2006, my hair had become so thin, and my eyebrows had almost disappeared, that I was embarrassed to go out and considered getting a wig. My skin was yellow too (an advanced hypo sign) and I just felt so demoralised. I had the opposite problem to you, as I have a large build, so my head is larger than the average woman's. I often wear a Tilley hat outside, because they have a good brim that shades my weak eyes, but I have to buy them in the men's sizes!

When I had been on T3 for several years, my scalp hair and brows thickened up, but they were never as thick as they used to be. And a few months ago, I realised my hair had suddenly become much thinner again. Not sure why this is happening, but I seem to be aging much faster than my contemporaries.

Rapunzel once posted a link to a website that sells really stylish turbans and headscarves made from a soft material that also washes well. If she's around, perhaps you could ask her?

thankyou hillwoman- funny but i am ageing so fast too- when i was 48 i was taken for a 25 year old- at 54 was taken for a 35 year old.. i was still young looking until 2010 when something dreadful happened,i posted every detail on here bu tstupid me deletd a lot of it-- regret that now as it was so detailed and i could dowith it for more hospitals consults, any way, i had no sags or lines and

head of glossy dark long curly hair at 48,and 54, -- i actually am sick to death of headware it is drivingme crackers now and i think turbans actually spell out HAIR LOSS--- so i cant go down that road, it is an absoulte nightmare fo r me- on

alopecia site on facebook they are brave i am not, i am fu**ed off big time and its affecting my psyche.. i have a fringe thank God ( are you listening here God????) i am able to pull the skinny strands as much as possible, forward from the crown, lacquer it and shove ahat on but i am sick of hats and headware.. i hav ebecome extrelemly grumpy too which i snot me alhough i have mega stres propb affecting my hair which my stres si sthe next post on a new thread . i shall do that now.

(((pettals))) I'm sorry for your hairmare, lovely.




you are not alone 💖

iknow rapunzel i am on all of those sites i just neede dto vent off about thosewho need to walk a mile in our shoes..

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