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went to drs .....re chest

dr listened to my chest and took blood pressure, wrote a few notes, sat back on his chair grinned and said

dr.....'your chest and heart is fine, if there was anything wrong it would have been picked up in the hospital you are overweight and need to lose weight as you are carrying another person around all the time and you need to exercise more'

me....i cant do much because i get short of breath and anxiety when my heart rate increases and i have lost almost 3 1/2 stone on slimming world'

dr....you will be fine but you need to lose weight'

told him i had a fitbit and what my avaerage steps were and he wasnt happy and said i needed to do 10,000 at lease, he then went to say he easily manages that a day

he does not have a clue what its like to live with a screwed up thyroid that effects your daily life, zaps you of every bit of energy, makes it hard for you to breath, heart rate thats very slow one day and super fast the next.....even worse when you dont tolerate the medication so have to stay at a low dose

i had to walk out because i wanted to smack him

my weight was recorded at the drs about 3 weeks ago by the smoking nurse so if he had of bloody looked he would have seen that

i dont deny i need to loose weight ect but it was his attitude and the smugness on his face

well if im no better monday i will be going back but i wont see him again

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Bad attitude and smugness ~ their speciality! 😩 mandy72, I am now 9st 2oz and 5ft 4ins, aged 60 and they say the same to me! I have breathlessness, palps, etc., also. Been skinny all my life ~ no appetite now as so ill.

They are a bunch of uncaring freaks and disinterested in patient health and well being. I want to change GP and see someone else, but I hear reports from others at different surgeries and it seems they're all the same.😕.

I sympathise ~ don't take the comments to heart and let them stress you out ~ I wouldn't wish this condition on anyone, but sometimes......... ✨(((Hugs)))✨and I hope you feel better soon💕xx


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