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TEST Results...what do you think

Can you tell me if these numbers look good. Thanks in advance!

FEB 8, 2018 - Synthyroid 100mcg 6 days per week 7th day 150mcg (15mcg Cytomel). I FELT decent on this and the test below got 50mcg synthyroid removed from my Thyroid treatment. TSH low due to thyroid cancer.

FEB 2018- Results

FT4 (0.93-1.7) ......1.32

T3 (80-200) .........108

TSH (0.27-4.20) ......0.052

FT4 (0.93-1.7) ......1.32

MARCH 2018: Retested with FT3,FT4,TSH and ReverseT3 (results not back yet)

FT3 (2.0 - 4.4) 2.980

FT4 (0.93 - 1.7) 1.23

TSH (0.27-4.20) ......0.076 (L)

Ive been on this new dose (100mcg synthyroid ) for 6 weeks and have had so many hypoglycemic issues. I had my Sugar tested and it's fine. Not sure if the synthroid change is doing it? Im also on 15mcg per day of Cytomel,this never changed.

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where is everyone?


Your FT3 is possibly too low.

How do you take cytomel? You may find it better to take as 3 x 5mcg dose split through the day, rather than just once a day

What about vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 levels

These must be optimal for good thyroid function

Also noticed your previous post about burning skin

This may be mixture of low B vitamins and low vitamin D

One other thing, suggest you try strictly gluten free diet. Many find it helps even post thyroidectomy


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