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Fantastic Locum Doctor Hypothyroid

I wrote a post couple weeks ago requarding my TSH level had increased to 4.1 ( been hypothyroid for 12 years ) my symptoms were appearing , panick attacts /anxiety, tiredness , not going out , just feeling yuck . Today I got an emergency appointment as I was feeling horrendous, dizziness, fear , palpitations/ slight faster heart rate , panic all thrown in together . Instead of giving me antidepressants he checked my TSH results and said “ Your leaves have been increasing we will try you on higher dose of thyroxine an see if this improves your symptoms . Could of hugged him . Back in 6 weeks for blood check Increase from 75mg to 100mg 🙂

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Excellent! It's great when a doctor isn't a TSH slave and thinks just being somewhere in range is perfect! I hope you find some improvement.

Don't forget when you have your next test, blood draw first appointment of the day, fast overnight (you can have water) and leave off Levo for 24 hours (take after blood draw). The early appointment and fasting will give the highest TSH which is needed to avoid a reduction in dose if you feel well.


Thanks Fingers crossed , Hoping I can get rid off cuddling the hot water bottle all time too . Yes always have my blood test between 8.30 / 9am . & take my meds afterwards


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