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I'm new here...I have knee pain, could it be hormone changes causing softening of knee cartilage? Anyone else with this problem? Treatments?


Hello, I wonder if anyone can provide advice. I'm 28, was diagnosed with Graves and hyperthyroidism about 2 years ago and have been on Carbimazole for a year, starting at 30mg and down to 5mg before coming off completely 4months ago as I'm pleased to say my levels are normal. Still got a follow up blood test to come but looking good!

However, for the last year or so I have had knee pain - it is okay when I'm walking but hurts when my knees are bent for a while, such as if I'm sitting on a chair for any length of time (which I do a lot at the moment as I'm a student and working on a computer almost every day) and can become unbearable in the evening. I have always been fairly flexible and am always most comfortable when sitting with my legs curled up underneath me, but can't really do this any more. It is also quite painful when kneeling.

I have read quite a bit about Carbimazole causing joint pain, but I haven't got pain in any other joints and the descriptions of this pain tend to include swelling and pain when walking too, neither of which apply to me. However I have also read that changes in hormone balance can cause Patella Chondromalacia, or softening of the knee cartilage. I was wondering if this could be the problem and if anyone else has had this after a change in hormone levels following treatment? And if so, did you find any effective treatments?

I'm keen to sort this out as I'm studying for a career outdoors and if my knee pain gets any worse I might struggle!

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Hello & welcome gdnr, I'm sorry you haven't had a reply, perhaps try re-posting your question. I'm not familiar with graves but know a number of medications can cause painful joints. It may be worth checking your vitamin levels too in case of a deficiency.

If your problem is still on going you should get a doctor's appointment. Graves is an auto immune disease as are most inflammatory diseases. It is worth getting it checked out rather than struggling on or trying to ignore it.

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