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Low level T4, impact of adrenal adenomas?

Many years slowly feeling increasingly weak, cold and bloated with nerves on edge. Last week swollen throat, slurring words, feeling faint with swollen tongue. Thought would pass out went to GP who sent for bloods the next day then rang wanting to see me. Worrying partly due to late stage cancer (bowel) five years ago. Said most bllods okay but T4 was 2.5. Am now on 100mg levothyroxine. It says on instructions that should be used with caution if adrenal probs. Sacans when I was having chemo/radio showed 2 adrenal adenomas. Not sure how long it can take to feel full benefit on levothyroxine? SUppose must vary from person to person. Sorry not expressing very well my brain is a bit muddled at moment - thanks for any help/advice :-)

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From what you are describing it sounds as though you may have very low cortisol levels, which would be due to your adrenal adenomas. You need to be investigated urgently to see if they have stopped your adrenal glands working. The symptoms you are describing are very like an adrenal crisis which is a life threatening condition that needs urgent treatment. A lot of GP's don't have a lot of experience of it, so if it happens again go to A&E or call an ambulance & ask them to check your cortisol levels as you may be in adrenal crisis. Take care x

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Thank you for your kind help and advice Pauline - will definitely do so x


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