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Private Blood Testing

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Having read a lot on this great forum, Im thinking its a good idea to get my bloods tested privately. This way I will get a continuity for results and what I have actually asked for. My GP has offered to request T3 and Vits for example but he said often they come back refused and there is not much he can do about. Actually he was very candid about the whole system as he has left his partnership to join the Prison service full time.

So first question is do I choose Blue Horizon or Medichecks?

Next question what do I test for? Im thinking of one of the Thyroid packages but would appreciate any feedback.

Finally, I've had Crohns for twenty years so used to very regular blood tests. However, Im not sure about this finger prick method. I have looked at Medichecks info and examples but really would appreciate peoples real experiences of using this method.



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Blue Horizon and Medichecks are equal as good. Both use accredited labs. Medichecks are slightly cheaper and has discounts on certain tests every Thursday.

I find fingerprick tests easy enough, but I've done many of them and know exactly what to do. Not everyone finds them easy.

From what you say you would be best getting the bundle that includes the full thyroid panel with antibodies plus vitamins and minerals. Those are Medichecks Thyroid Ultravit or Blue Horizon Thyroid Check Plus Eleven.

You can do either as a venous blood draw if you prefer but that will cost extra. Some people manage to get their surgery to do it, some their local NHS hospital. Mine won't. Both BH and Medichecks have the option to go to a centre or private hospital for blood draw. BH can arrange a Home Phlebotomy Service for about £49.

BH email the results to you as a PDF. Medichecks send you an email to say your results are showing in your online account.

Be aware that if you choose to have their doctor's comments, they generally are exactly what your GP would say because, of course, their doctors will have been NHS trained. You will get better interpretation of results by posting them on the forum for members to comment.

Susie great reply as always! Thanks.

Any tips on fingerprick test to make it a smooth process.

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to DrewDrewDrew

Make sure you are well hydrated, drink plenty of water the day before and also before doing the test.

Some people swing their arm about or run up and down stairs to get blood flowing before doing the test.

Have a bowl of hot water ready, not warm, swish hand around until it goes red.

Prick side of finger, I find nearer the nail bed rather than the tip is best for me

When collecting the blood, stand on a stool so that your arm is straight down so that blood can drip from finger.

If blood flow stops, pop hand back into hot water until it goes red again, you can also use a different finger.

If you take K2-mk7 then leave it off for a few days, K2 is not meant to be the blood clotting form but I find my blood flows a bit better if I leave off my K2. (Also if you take Biotin or a B Complex containing Biotin, leave it off for 3-5days as that will skew results if Biotin is used in the testing g process.)

You can gently milk your finger if flow slows down but don't squeeze it as it damages the blood.

The bundle that includes vitamins and minerals requires 2 microtainers, each one holds about 0.8ml of blood.

Send blood off to arrive next day. BH recommends posting Monday to Wednesday for first class post and Monday to Thursday for Special Delivery Next Day by 1pm. I always use Special Delivery (you can order a Special Delivery return envelope with BH which costs less than paying at the Post Office) but it has failed 50% of the time and taken 48 hours; however you can claim your money back from the Post Office if you keep your tracking receipt.

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